Self-adhesive wall sticker instructions

Instructions - wall sticker - self-adhesive

Our wall stickers consist of three parts. The backing paper, the motif and a transfer foil. This will make it easier for you to attach. We explain exactly how this works here. 

Foils react to the ambient temperature. So if you order your wall sticker in winter, don't stick it to the wall right away. First let it warm up to a good room temperature (at least 15°). If you notice that the transfer film is no longer connected to the motif, this may be due to temperature fluctuations. Place the wall decal face up on a table. As long as the transfer film sticks to the motif, it is well protected from damage. You can now rub it firmly with a squeegee to press it back on.

Here we go

How do I apply my wall sticker correctly?

  1. Remove impurities from your wall (remains of wallpaper, bumps, grease, oil paints, etc.).
  2. Carefully peel off the backing paper from the film at a flat angle. With large motifs, you can also proceed piece by piece. Work your way from top to bottom.
  3. Align the motif on the wall and rub the felt squeegee firmly over the entire motif so that it sticks firmly. It is better to have a second person help you with large motifs. Take your time to align.
  4. Slowly peel off the clear transfer film at a flat angle.
  5. Check the wall decal for air bubbles. In most cases, you can also cross them out to the shortest side afterwards. So that your motif is not damaged, it is best to place a piece of the carrier film over the motif and squeeze out the air bubbles.

What to do if the wall sticker doesn't stick?

Our wall stickers stick well to smooth surfaces. You can also attach them to woodchip.

On which surface can you not stick wall stickers?

  • latex paint
  • acrylic paint
  • distemper
  • silicate paint
  • Clay plaster / brush plaster / roller plaster
  • Surfaces with "dirt-repellent" properties
  • Substrates containing silicone: Lacquers and paints containing silicone

The substrate should have a minimum temperature of 15°C. If some parts of your wall sticker don't stick, you can also carefully heat it up with a hair dryer. This softens the foil and the glue again. Then press the wall sticker back on firmly.

We only print your sticker after your order. Long storage has a negative effect on the adhesive properties. So don't store your wall sticker for too long before you apply it to your wall.

If you have difficulties attaching or have any questions, simply write to us using our contact form .

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