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Wall stickers are a popular way to give your home a certain finishing touch. Due to the extremely wide selection of motifs in our shop, you are guaranteed to find exactly the right 3D look for your design and decoration ideas. So before you buy, take your time to look through the available 3D wall stickers.

Wall stickers in 3D optics - guaranteed eye-catchers

The great feature of the wall stickers is that they can be easily stuck to almost any wall surface. This avoids annoying residues of adhesive materials that are difficult to remove. Cumbersome assembly methods are also eliminated. All you need to do is buy the stickers - no other tools or materials are needed to attach them. In addition, our wall stickers in 3D look are of course characterized by their outstanding design. The frames surrounding the motif give the impression that the viewer is actually looking through the implied opening. This makes our wall stickers in 3D a real eye-catcher - also for your visitors. They are your window to inspiration and comfort.

Buy wall stickers in a wide variety of motifs and sizes

We offer you our wall stickers in the size variations small, medium and extra large. This is how we ensure that you can buy a film of the appropriate size for each of the areas you want to design. In addition, some of the motifs are available in several color variants. Since we at Wandmotiv24 ​​attach great importance to the quality of our products, our decorative films are always of high quality. Through ecological printing processes, we ensure, among other things, that they are odorless and can therefore be used in all rooms of your home. Even if the term film initially suggests the opposite, our wall stickers in 3D optics are highly opaque. Irrespective of the color of the background on which they are attached, the magnificent colors of the motifs come into their own on the satin-matt surface. They are therefore also suitable, for example, for covering up unsightly paint residues on the wall or damage to the wallpaper and plaster. So there is no need to buy materials for correction and repair work when you can buy one of our 3D wall stickers instead.

Freedom through creative freedom

Buying one of our wall stickers in 3D optics means almost inexhaustible design possibilities for you. Sweeten your sleep with dreamlike moon & star motifs, decorate the dining area with magnificent still lifes, breathe additional life into children's rooms with playful and colorful motifs or round off living and hobby rooms with illustrations that underline your character traits and passions. It makes sense to buy a wall sticker that can fulfill exactly these tasks. Favorite animals in 3D optics, landscapes that tempt you to daydream, city panoramas, abstract and at the same time expressive, artistically designed forms and patterns from areas such as music, nature or cars - there is no doubt that you will find and buy something here that corresponds to your ideas. Or even give you completely new ideas! In combination with the effective frame in 3D optics, there are wonderful opportunities to live out your talent for decorating. At Wandmotiv24 ​​you can buy yourself full and satisfied with your decoration projects!