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Buy acrylic paintings – memories on glass

Your own wedding, your child's baptism or a snapshot of grandma: life is made up of memorable moments. They burn themselves into our memory and put a smile on our faces.

With an acrylic painting from Wandmotiv24 ​​you can keep the feeling of community with your loved ones and the butterflies in your stomach that accompany you on special occasions present.

And the best thing about it: acrylic glass not only scores points with its optimal color brilliance. Rather, pictures made of acrylic glass create a distinctive depth effect that breathes life into the painting and transforms the photo into a true work of art.

In this way you create an elegant, unique piece that attracts everyone's attention and has emotional value for you. The direct print is also UV-resistant, so you can enjoy the photo for a long time.

Set the scene elegantly with acrylic paintings

Your apartment impresses with its modern interior design and you are known for your elegant wardrobe? Then you shouldn't make any compromises when it comes to the accessories in your own four walls. At Wandmotiv24 ​​we offer you the opportunity to print your photo on acrylic glass. We rely on modern techniques.

The durable material allows for optimal depth of field. The bright colors, the variety of contrasts and the attention to detail create a high-quality impression. In addition, the hand-polished surface of the acrylic glass creates a modern reflection that gives the photo a particularly elegant touch.

In this way, the new acrylic painting fits perfectly into your interior design and blends skilfully with your furniture and accessories. When you receive guests, the subtle picture on the wall attracts everyone's attention.

Memories in new splendor

Sometimes everything happens very quickly: you've been looking forward to your wedding for years. On the big day, however, you feel like the entire day is rushing past you.

The same goes for your first child starting school, a peaceful Christmas with the people you love, the last coffee with grandma and grandpa in the garden or a milestone in your career.

How nice that in moments like this you can trust your favorite people to pull out their camera or smartphone and capture the memory for you.

To prevent the photos from disappearing into a folder on your phone, you can print out particularly beautiful copies. But here too there is a risk that the photos will be placed in a box or an album and will have to be laboriously retrieved.

On the other hand, you position a photo on acrylic glass on a wall in your apartment. The image greets you in the morning, accompanies you through the day and sees you off to bed in the evening. During the day you look at familiar faces and keep the memories of long-ago moments present.

The highlight: Our personalized pictures made of acrylic glass are available in portrait or landscape format. Square acrylic paintings are also possible. This allows you to choose the size and format of your picture to place it perfectly on the intended wall.

The following sizes are available:

  • 30 x 20 centimeters

  • 40 x 30 centimeters

  • 60 x 40 centimeters

  • 80 x 60 centimeters

  • 100 x 40 centimeters

  • 120 x 50 centimeters

For orders over 50 euros, we will deliver your acrylic paintings directly to your door free of charge. You then have 100 days to convince yourself of the high quality of the image. If we were unable to meet your requirements, you can return the painting.

You upload the photo via the product designer. There is then the option to personalize and commission the image. We print your photo on 3 millimeter thick acrylic glass, which impresses with its exceptional longevity and resistance.

You don't want to hang up your acrylic painting but instead display it on an easel? Your acrylic picture has its own place on a stylish side table and can be placed in different rooms as you wish.

Are you missing the right photo, but would you like to enhance your interior design with a motif that reflects your personality or interests? As an alternative to the acrylic painting, you can purchase a side table with a motif from Wandmotiv24 .

In order to buy modern side tables , you don't even have to leave the online shop, you can choose the right model straight away! You can choose from, for example, retro, beauty, nature, animal and children's motifs. Fans of a skyline choose city motifs.

A tip: If you visit our shop regularly, you won't miss any offers!

Eye-catching colors

Maximum luminosity, first-class colors and razor-sharp execution: If you have your favorite photo printed on acrylic at Wandmotiv24, you benefit from a state-of-the-art printing process. This is how we ensure that the motif impresses you visually.

The fine color gradients allow you to see new details in the photo on the wall day after day. The subtle 3D effect is particularly suitable for portraits and landscapes.

The special feature: All acrylic paints we use bear the GreenGuardGold label. This is how people with allergies protect themselves from unpleasant symptoms. But customers who do not react to conventional acrylic paints also benefit from this fact. Because many colors normally contain substances that are harmful to health and can be inhaled.

If possible, all other materials are also made from environmentally friendly raw materials. This is how we reduce our ecological footprint in the long term.

In addition, production is based on solar power, 80 percent of which we generate ourselves from sunlight. Our goal for the next few years: We are working on using solar power to realize all manufacturing processes that require electricity in the future.

So if you want to have a picture of someone close to your heart printed or use an acrylic painting to remember a beautiful walk in the forest, your last vacation on the beach or a safari tour through Africa every day, printing on acrylic glass offers you optimal conditions.

The colors of professional photos taken by the photographer often do not come into their own on older smartphones or laptops. However, half of the photographer's work consists of editing your photos and thus creating a very special flair.

The chosen colors develop excellently on acrylic paintings on the wall. On the one hand, you can enjoy a high-quality photo and on the other hand, you honor the photographer's work.

The same applies to photos taken with a smartphone. Modern cell phones now have high-resolution cameras that are in no way inferior to the professional equipment of a photographer. These images also create an exquisite impression on acrylic glass.

Great optics

3 millimeters: This is how thick the acrylic glass is, which shows off your acrylic paintings to their best advantage. The thickness of the glass allows for a unique reflection of light, giving the artwork a distinctive shine.

In combination with the convincing depth of field and the intense colors , an aesthetic work is created that visually enhances your rooms. If you place an indirect light source at the back of the picture, you create an atmospheric ambience that further highlights the photo.

The strong expressiveness captivates the viewer. That's why you can hang the acrylic paintings in the living room and bedroom as well as in the office or kitchen. No matter whether your room is modern, cozy-rustic or has a shabby look: a borderless mural gives the room the finishing touch.

A note: Picture frames such as wooden frames must be replaced if you want to hang the picture in another room. Because the style often does not match the interior design of the new parking space.

Acrylic paintings have no frame. On the one hand, you save money. Because large, high-quality picture frames involve a lot of financial effort. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to redecorate and use the picture according to your individual wishes. This means you have maximum flexibility.

Special hanging system

How do I hang my acrylic painting and which hanging systems should I avoid for heavy products? Many consumers ask themselves these questions.

The good news: You can hang your new acrylic paintings on the wall quickly and easily. No previous knowledge or special techniques are necessary.

The scope of delivery includes an invisible suspension that reliably supports your acrylic paintings and is easy to attach. It is stable, so that even heavy acrylic paintings are supported in the long term.

Furthermore, the picture creates a floating impression thanks to the special suspension. As a result, the photo in the “acrylic glass” category looks like a high-quality work of art in an art museum.

Modern technology

We print your picture on a sturdy acrylic glass. This is 3 millimeters thick. We use modern printing techniques to print, creating an aesthetic image on glass.

So that you can enjoy your new acrylic paintings for a long time, it is important to clean the work of art regularly and correctly. Avoid using sponges or hard towels. Instead, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

This way you eliminate fingerprints and dust particles. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging the delicate glass. Deep scratches cannot be removed afterwards.

What is special about an acrylic glass photo?

Are you wondering whether a picture on acrylic glass is the right choice? We can take away your doubts. Because no other material achieves such a modern effect as a picture made of acrylic glass.

The shiny, smooth surface looks elegant and exquisite. The fine color gradients, the bright, deep and environmentally friendly colors as well as the outstanding attention to detail are convincing at first glance. After purchasing your acrylic glass photo, you will never want to be without it again.

Modern hardening technology helps ensure that the acrylic paintings are robust. The long durability is also based on the UV resistance of the surface. So you can safely hang the picture near the windows. Because even the sun's rays in midsummer can't make the colors of your new favorite picture fade.

It is important that you do not position your acrylic paintings above a radiator. The rising heat could deform the products.

It is also important that you attach your picture to the hanging device provided. Do not use cords or thin nails as the acrylic glass is very heavy.

You don't need a glass cleaner when cleaning. Under no circumstances use cleaning products that contain alcohol. If the agent contains more than 5 percent benzene, acetone or carbon tetrachloride, the surface of the acrylic glass can be damaged.

The conclusion – beautiful acrylic paintings for your home

Your apartment only gets a personal touch with the right accessories. In addition to fluffy pillows and blankets, creative vases and bowls, indirect light sources and cozy curtains, wall design plays a central role.

With the right wall pictures in the size of your choice, you can create an attractive and inviting atmosphere in no time. At the same time, you can use images to express your personality.

Photos with family members and friends remind you of particularly good times and the strong support you receive from your favorite people. You can have your favorites printed on acrylic glass at Wandmotiv24. This creates a truly unique item at a fair price!

Your modern work of art impresses with a shiny surface, bright colors and sharp contours. The invisible suspension included in the delivery creates a floating impression that is reminiscent of works of art in museums by well-known artists.

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