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Fototapete Pusteblumen mit Schmetterlingen M6119 - Bild 1
Wall mural dandelion with butterflies M6119
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Fototapete Blumen Blüten Rosa M5867 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Flowers Blossoms Pink M5867
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Fototapete Orchideen Schmetterlinge wasser Seide M4661 - Bild 1
Wall mural orchid butterflies water silk M4661
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Fototapete Türkis Lilien Blüten M1319 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Turquoise Lilies Flowers M1319
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Fototapete Blütenbaum Schmetterlinge türkis M6610 - Bild 1
Wall Mural blossom tree butterflies turquoise M6610
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Fototapete weiße Lilien Polster M6304 - Bild 1
Wall mural white lilies upholstery M6304
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Fototapete Blumen Rosa Nebel M5870 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Flowers Pink Mist M5870
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Rosen Schmetterlinge bemalt effekt wand M4660 - Bild 1
Wall mural roses butterflies painted effect wall M4660
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Fototapete Vintage weisse Rosen M1307 - Bild 1
Wall mural vintage white roses M1307
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Fototapete Kornfeld mit Mohnblumen M0398 - Bild 1
Wall mural Cornfield with poppies M0398
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Fototapete Blumen Aquarell Vintage M5866 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Flowers Watercolor Vintage M5866
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Fototapete Blüten Blumen Orchideen Mandala Wellness M6114 - Bild 1
Wall mural blossoms flowers orchids mandala wellness M6114
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Fototapete Abstrakt Blumen Grün Blätter Glanz M4601 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Abstract Flowers Green Leaves Shine M4601
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Fototapete 3D Kreise grau Blumen Schmetterlinge M4582 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D circles gray flowers butterflies M4582
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Fototapete Türkis 3D Kreise Abstrakt Ornamente M4414 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Turquoise 3D Circles Abstract Ornaments M4414
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Blumen weiß 3D M4311 - Bild 1
Wall mural flowers white 3D M4311
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Beige Blumen M1866 - Bild 1
Wall mural beige flowers M1866
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Grüne Blumen M1861 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Green Flowers M1861
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Pusteblume Ornament Grau M1381 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Dandelion Ornament Gray M1381
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Fototapete Rot Sonnenschirm Beton M1185 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Red Parasol Concrete M1185
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Türkis Blumen Schmetterlinge Seide Perle M5234 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Turquoise Flowers Butterflies Silk Bead M5234
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Vintage Blumen Vögel M6295 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Vintage Flowers Birds M6295
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Vintage Blumen Illustration M6283 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Vintage Floral Illustration M6283
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Fototapete dunkelrote Lilie Blütenzweig M6265 - Bild 1
Wall mural dark red lily blossom branch M6265
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Rosen Vintage Natur M5865 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Roses Vintage Nature M5865
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Violett Schmetterling M1853 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Purple Butterfly M1853
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Fototapete Blumen Vintage Gemälde M1292 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Flowers Vintage Paintings M1292
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Blumenwiese M0493 - Bild 1
Flower meadow mural M0493
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Fototapete Bambuswald, grüner Bambus M0003 - Bild 1
Wall mural Bamboo forest, green bamboo M0003
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Fototapete 3D Effekt Blumen M6095 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D effect flowers M6095
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete 3D Blumen Orchideen Muster Stuck Relief M6093 - Bild 1
Wall Mural 3D flowers orchids pattern stucco relief M6093
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99
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Fototapete Blumen 3D Kreise Effekt abstrakt grau M5343 - Bild 1
Wall Mural flowers 3D circles effect abstract gray M5343
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €35,99

Frequently asked questions about photo wallpaper

A mural is a special type of wallpaper that has a printed photo motif on it. Unlike traditional wallpaper with patterns or monochromatic designs, a mural consists of a large, seamless graphic print depicting a specific image or landscape. These images can come from a variety of sources, such as nature photography, city scenes, artwork, patterns, or abstract designs.

Wall murals make it possible to decorate a room with impressive and lively images and create a certain atmosphere or mood. They are widely used in living room, bedroom, office, shop or other indoor space to create eye-catching and visually enrich the space.

Wall murals are available in different sizes to suit different wall surfaces. They can be ordered either as pre-made rolls of wallpaper with fixed dimensions, or as bespoke wallpapers made to fit the specific dimensions of the wall.

When installing a wall mural, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the wallpaper is positioned correctly and applied smoothly to the wall. As a rule, installation is carried out in a similar way to traditional wallpaper, applying the glue to the wallpaper, and then applying it to the prepared wall.

Wall murals offer a creative way to design rooms and express individual style. They can transform a room and add an impressive visual element.

A non-woven photo wallpaper is a modern wall covering made of non-woven material and printed with an individual photo motif. Fleece is a special wall covering that consists of textile fibers and stands out due to its special properties.

Fleece is a breathable material that wicks moisture well and prevents mold growth. It is also tear resistant so the wallpaper can be easily applied without soaking. In addition, the smooth surface of the fleece allows for precise printing quality, which means that the photo motifs on the wallpaper appear in high resolution and vivid colors.

Self-adhesive non-woven wallpapers offer additional convenience when installing. These wallpapers have a self-adhesive backing so they can be applied directly to the wall without the use of paste. This eliminates the hassle of pasting the wallpaper and waiting for it to dry.

Non-woven photomurals are available in a variety of motifs and offer the opportunity to design rooms individually. From natural landscapes to abstract art to city panoramas - the choice is almost unlimited. In addition, non-woven photomurals can be easily removed again if necessary, without leaving any residue.

If you are looking for a wallcovering that offers high-quality photographic prints, easy installation and long-lasting properties, non-woven wall murals are an excellent choice. Also try self-adhesive non-woven wallpaper to ease the installation process.

When looking for a suitable mural for a small space, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  1. Light colors: Opt for wall murals with light tones. Light colors make a room appear larger and more open. Avoid dark or overly bold colors as they can make the room feel overwhelming.
  2. Perspective: choose wall murals with a sense of depth or perspective that visually enlarges the space. Subjects such as landscapes, city panoramas or paths that lead into the distance can expand the space and give it more depth.
  3. Patterns and Designs: Avoid overly large or cluttered patterns as they can make the room feel overwhelming. Wallpaper with small or medium-sized patterns that visually expand the space are optimal.
  4. Unobtrusive Design: An unobtrusive mural without too many details can help keep the space from looking crowded. Simple patterns or abstract designs are good choices for small spaces.
  5. Natural elements: Wall murals with natural elements such as plants, flowers or landscapes can brighten up the room and create a relaxing atmosphere. However, avoid wallpaper with too much detail so as not to clutter up the space.

Remember that choosing a wall mural also depends on your personal taste and style. Think carefully about which motif best suits your room and your furnishings.

I hope these tips will help you choose a wall mural for your small space!

A mural for the bedroom should have calming and relaxing motifs. Popular options are nature images, such as forests, beaches, or sunsets. Abstract patterns in soft tones can also create a pleasant atmosphere. When choosing a mural for the bedroom, it is important to pay attention to high-quality materials that allow for easy cleaning. Washable photo wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp cloth without detergent, which makes maintenance easier. They are also durable, retaining their colors and quality over time. By following these tips, you can find the perfect mural for your bedroom and create a harmonious environment conducive to relaxation and rest.

Yes, you can stick self-adhesive photo wallpaper on woodchip wallpaper. Self-adhesive wall murals are a great option for quickly and easily decorating a wall, and they adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including woodchip.

Before you apply the mural, you should make sure the woodchip surface is clean, dry and free of dust or dirt. Remove loose particles and smooth rough areas with sandpaper if necessary.

Start by positioning the wallpaper top to bottom and slowly unrolling it while smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. You can use a wallpaper brush or squeegee to make this easier.

Be sure to press the wallpaper down carefully to ensure it sticks well. You can also use a soft, clean brush to gently tap the wallpaper to make sure it lays snugly all over.

It is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific wall mural as different products may have specific requirements.

With these steps, you should be able to successfully stick self-adhesive photo wallpaper onto woodchip wallpaper and achieve an impressive result.

Yes, you can stick photo wallpaper on wood. It is a popular way to enhance and customize wood surfaces. Here are some steps you can follow to install wall mural on wood:

  1. Preparation: Make sure the wood is clean, dry and smooth. Remove any impurities or loose particles from the surface.
  2. Cut Wall Mural: Cut the wall mural to the desired size and shape. Make sure you have enough material to fold over the edges.
  3. Mixing the glue: Prepare the glue according to the manufacturer's instructions. There is a special wallpaper paste for photo wallpaper that works well on wood.
  4. Gluing the photo wallpaper: Apply the glue evenly to the back of the photo wallpaper. Make sure you use enough glue to ensure good adhesion, but avoid over-application to prevent wallpaper from soaking through.
  5. Applying the photo wallpaper: Carefully place the photo wallpaper on the wooden surface and press it flat. Start in the center and work outwards to avoid air bubbles. Use a wallpaper brush or squeegee to smooth the wallpaper down.
  6. Remove Excess Material: Trim excess wallpaper material around the edges to get a clean edge.
  7. Allow to dry: Allow the mural to dry completely according to the adhesive's instructions.

It is important to note that the durability of the wood mural depends on various factors such as the quality of the glue, the finish of the wood and the correct application. It is therefore advisable to read the wallpaper manufacturer's instructions and possibly carry out tests beforehand.

With this method you can stick photo wallpaper on wood and thus achieve an individual and attractive design of your wooden surfaces.

Yes, photomurals are washable. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth without using detergents. This allows you to remove any dirt or stains from the photo wallpaper and make it look clean and fresh again. It is important to ensure that the cloth is damp but not too wet to avoid damaging the wallpaper. With this simple method you can take care of your wall mural and keep it beautiful.

The best wall murals are made of non-woven material, as this has many advantages over paper wallpaper. You can simply attach them with the wall adhesive technique and remove them again when dry.

After wallpapering the photo wallpaper, it should dry evenly at a room temperature of 20 °C. For this it is important that there are no drafts in the room through open windows.

A mural can not only change the atmosphere in the room, but also make it appear larger. The color blue is particularly well suited for this, because it creates – like the sky or the sea – a feeling of endless expanse.

Non-woven wallpaper is attached to the wall using the wall-pasting technique. For this you need paste and a sufficiently large wallpapering brush. Our photomurals are already delivered to you in pre-cut lengths. So you only have to worry about pasting the wall and attaching the individual strips end to end. Be sure to prepare your wall well by smoothing out any unevenness and removing dirt.

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Wall mural flowers

Wallpapers with floral patterns have been very popular for many generations. With them you bring a piece of nature into your home, you have a large selection of colors and you can design your living space completely individually.

By Vladdeep (https://elements.envato.com/user/Vladdeep)

In our online shop we offer photo wallpapers with beautiful floral patterns. No matter whether it's more nostalgic, modern or artistic: you're guaranteed to find the right wallpaper for your four walls here.

Photo wallpaper with flowers for a charming ambience

If the photo wallpaper shows flowers, it will look great in almost any room. The nice thing about it is that it not only enhances the walls, but also creates an attractive, charming living experience . Depending on how you choose the wallpaper, it can underline the dreamy character of the furnishings and decoration, emphasize naturalness or simply brighten the mood.

We can look at flowers outside during the warm seasons . That's why we feel so warm when we see them. We feel the same way about a photo wallpaper with a floral motif.

Motifs for a dreamlike atmosphere

Our floral wallpapers are available in a wide variety of designs and with a variety of motifs. They are as varied as a flower meadow itself and conjure up beautiful accents in even the simplest room. And just like when designing your own garden, you should also choose the type of flowers for your home carefully. Here we explain the different meanings of popular types of flowers:

  • Roses: The graceful rose has always been a symbol of love and passion. However, since they come in so many different colors, you can also take their meanings into account when choosing. While red roses are very classic, white roses represent clarity and elegance. Roses in the color soft pink are often given as gifts when you want to express deep gratitude. In the apartment, they blend gently and harmoniously into the overall picture.

  • Lilies: There is hardly any other flower that has as many meanings as the white lily. First and foremost, it is a symbol of femininity, but also of transience, love, purity and fertility.

  • Tulips: A tulip also represents profound love, which is why it is a popular gift among partners and family members. Particularly in spring, tulips can be associated with rebirth. Tulips come in many different colors. A bouquet of flowers that contains different colored tulips is particularly beautiful - this also applies to an attractive photo wallpaper.

  • Lavender: This plant has delicate purple flowers. Their scent has a pleasant and calming effect on us. Lavender fields, which can often be admired in France, radiate a very special peace and harmony. You can also bring these into your living room.

Do you love nature in general? Then a nature photo wallpaper is definitely something for you!

The use of colors and motifs

However, when choosing the right photo wallpaper with flowers, the colors also matter. After all, not every color fits in every room. If you already have a complete set up, you should definitely include this in the color selection of the wallpaper . However, if you are currently rearranging the room, you have a little more freedom in the overall design.

First and foremost, it is important to know that when choosing the right colors, the use of a room is primarily important. There are two “basic rules” for this:

  • Rooms in which you are active: These include living and dining areas, play or meeting rooms, but also the hallway and the stairwell. Warm colors such as red, yellow or orange tones are suitable in these rooms.

  • Rooms that serve relaxation: It is important for them to create a peaceful atmosphere, which can be easily achieved using cool blue, turquoise, green, violet and generally pastel tones.

Ultimately, of course, you should decide for yourself how your rooms will be decorated in color. The rules mentioned above are only initial guidelines. It's important that you stay true to your own style .

The selection of motifs also plays an important role when buying wallpaper. A photo wallpaper with flowers and butterflies radiates liveliness and playfulness , while a wallpaper with white roses and a vintage effect exudes coziness and nostalgia . Photo wallpapers with flowers that are designed similar to a painting look particularly elegant because they bring art into your room. A special highlight are our photo wallpapers that show flowers in connection with a corridor because they visually expand the room.

Graphical or realistic?

With photo wallpapers with flowers you can also choose between graphic and realistic motifs . Here too, your personal taste should come first. A graphic representation of floral patterns often has the advantage that more details can be incorporated into it than in a purely natural photograph.

Realistic designs make viewers believe they are actually in a flower meadow or lying in tall grass. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and can create very different moods. The same applies to a photo wallpaper with animal motifs .

Photo wallpaper flowers – an overview of the different types of wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper type is also important, as they have different advantages and disadvantages. Below we explain which types of photo wallpaper are generally differentiated between and what you should pay particular attention to when dealing with them.

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are characterized above all by the fact that they are particularly resistant and do not tear easily. That's why they're particularly easy to attach to walls. Any excess wallpaper can easily be cut off with a cutter. Because the material is so dimensionally stable and robust, it even conceals small cracks or unevenness in the plaster.

paper wallpaper

If the carrier material of the wallpaper is made of paper, it is not so easy to process. Paper expands quickly and must therefore first be moistened on the wallpapering table. If the soaking time is not the same for each individual strip, there may be differences in size and pattern shifts .

The advantages of a photo wallpaper made of paper: It is environmentally friendly and breathable and can be easily attached with paste .

Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpapers bring liveliness into a room through haptic effects . Thanks to raised patterns and ornaments, the impression is that they are not just motifs, but instead real flowers or grasses .

Textile wallpaper

Textile wallpapers consist of a carrier layer made of paper or fleece and a fabric that has been laminated on. The latter creates a natural surface look. Fibers made of wool, linen, silk or fabric ribbons can be used. However, you need to have experience when decorating such wallpaper. The price is relatively high.

vinyl wallpaper

They consist of special PVC wall covering , which is on paper or non-woven backing layers. They are often found with a three-dimensional embossed structure . These wallpapers are particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms because their surface is easy to wipe and scrub. However, there is a risk that mold can form in rooms that are often exposed to high humidity. Vinyl wallpapers are susceptible to this because they are not particularly breathable.

FAQ: Photo wallpaper flowers

Most rooms can be visually enhanced with a beautiful floral wallpaper. But what should you pay attention to when attaching it and which surface is particularly suitable for it? Here we answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Which photo wallpaper makes the room bigger?

Blue photo wallpapers have a particularly enlarging effect. Most people associate them with the vastness of the sky or the sea.

Which surface is suitable for a photo wallpaper?

The wall on which you want to apply your floral photo wallpaper must be smooth, dry, clean and absorbent. Holes, cracks and other unevenness should be removed as best as possible.

What do you have to consider with a photo wallpaper?

After the photo wallpaper has been put on the wall, it should dry at a room temperature of 20 °C. Doors and windows must be kept closed during this time.

Why should a photo wallpaper overlap?

During the drying process, the wallpaper strips may shrink slightly. That's why it's important to let them overlap slightly. Otherwise there is a risk that gaps will arise afterwards.

Photo wallpaper with flowers at Wandmotiv24

Photo wallpapers with flowers not only bring liveliness and joy of life into a room, but are also real eye-catchers. They can be used in both the bedroom and the living room. But floral patterns also look great in the kitchen or bathroom. Whether you choose a realistic or graphic motif is entirely up to your own taste.

At Wandmotiv24 ​​we offer beautiful photo wallpapers with floral patterns. Depending on the motif, these appear either elegant, modern, playful or nostalgic. Here you are guaranteed to find your perfect flower photo wallpaper for every room. Simply choose your favorite motif in the size you want now.

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