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Wardrobes - truly unique - eye-catcher with storage space

A view of cities conveys the big city feeling, a wide view of the sea creates a holiday feeling. With the large selection of coat racks, every feeling can be expressed. They are flexible in attachment. The coat rack does not take up much space and is very decorative. The cloakrooms offer plenty of storage space for jackets, coats, hats and scarves.

Huge selection of different wardrobes

There is a suitable wall panel for every taste. Bring color into your hallway. You can attach the chrome coat hooks according to your taste and distribute them on the coat rack. Even children benefit from the individual attachment of the coat hooks. You can adjust the hooks to the height of the child. Decide on the right facility for you.

Motif wardrobes are the new trend.

Whether forest, whether stones or retro patterns. An individual home furnishing is therefore no longer a problem. The wall wardrobes are very narrow and therefore adapt perfectly to even the smallest of rooms. You don't have to be a great craftsman to attach the wall panels. The fastening material required for this is already included in the scope of delivery.

The wardrobes are made of real wood and are stable. Every single coat rack is handmade. The production takes place in Germany. Creative living ideas leave room for your own feel-good ambience. Particularly suitable for hallways and hallways. Children's rooms are also wonderfully designed. There are no limits to your creative ideas. Let the good quality convince you. All styles are represented.

Wardrobes for everyone Find the right wardrobe.

Tastes are different, but there can be a remedy. Of course, cloakrooms are also a question of space. Not every entrance area offers enough space for large wall wardrobes. In small apartments, every centimeter should be used. Storage options are used sensibly and in a space-saving manner. It is of course also possible to realize oneself and to attach a mirror, for example. Indirect wall lighting can also be installed for better illumination. The effect is very effective and sets beautiful accents on the wall wardrobe.