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Kitchen splashbacks with sports motifs

At home we feel comfortable and secure. This is where we spend our free time, regain strength after a long day at work and enjoy time with our favorite people.

To create a cozy atmosphere, we select furniture according to our taste and design our feel-good area. The main focus is on the kitchen, the focal point of every family and every single household. A high-quality kitchen unit expresses prestige and is considered a status symbol. But old tiled walls affect the overall impression.

However, the shabby joints and tiles can be covered up in no time. A high-quality kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24 ​​can be installed quickly and easily and impresses with its elegant look. Sports enthusiasts rely on our rear walls with a sports motif!

Adrenaline rush in the kitchen: Formula 1 and Co.

Every day we prepare our meals in the kitchen, meet friends for coffee or enjoy a quiet break with a snack. Compared to the living room or bedroom, the kitchen offers a wide range of design options. Just a few simple steps are enough to create a completely new ambience.

A mural or a plant is often enough to create coziness. You can change the effect of the room even more easily by installing a heat-resistant kitchen splashback with photos or a pattern. The product is made of hard foam, aluminum dibond or acrylic glass and sets your kitchen unit perfectly in scene.

The image of your choice creates a modern and elegant living atmosphere and a clean look. You can choose from powerful racing cars, dashing sports cars or classic vintage cars.

Kitchen splashbacks with sporty cars

Fast rides and strong accelerations: As a vehicle fan, are you always looking for the infamous thrill? No wonder sports cars with above-average engine performance pique your interest! Because behind the wheel of a powerful automobile, you forget your worries and troubles and concentrate solely on maintaining control of the car.

Some days it is not possible to take the sports car out due to lack of time or commitments. In addition, the available budget may not be enough for a sporty car. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sight of a fast car every day.

With a kitchen splashback with a sports motif you can bring the racetrack flair into your home. You will be presented with a large selection of sports cars, vintage cars and racing cars.

A harmonious overall picture: function and design combined

Kitchen splashbacks primarily serve as a decorative element. They affect the feeling of space and influence the overall appearance of the kitchen. In addition, they have a protective function and prevent food residues and dirt from settling on the walls.

The splash guard is a panel made of hard foam, aluminum composite or acrylic glass that covers the wall area between the wall cabinets and the worktop. Here you will often find tiles with joints that are difficult to clean.

At the same time, you can express your personal passion through the kitchen unit with a motif and communicate your hobby to the outside world. Day after day, the stylish new kitchen splashback reminds you of your interests and puts a big smile on your face. Discreet kitchen units in particular benefit from eye-catching sports motifs .

You can skilfully set accents with a kitchen back wall with a motif. If, on the other hand, you prefer simple furnishings, you should opt for subtle images such as the kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs .

Fine details at a glance: Details and their benefits in kitchen back walls

High-quality kitchen back walls impress with their smooth surface . Dirt particles such as leftover food and fat can be easily and quickly removed with a soft cloth after cooking. With a smooth kitchen back wall, you save yourself time-consuming cleaning measures and gain back some of your life.

You don’t need an additional splash guard over the stove. The kitchen back walls also protect the wall behind the sink. The surface structure creates neither water stains nor mold.

The colors are intense. At the same time, the motifs impress with their attractive image sharpness . The kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24 ​​fits harmoniously into your kitchen and complements your kitchen unit.

Decision support: glass or aluminum – which kitchen back wall is right for you?

Are you looking for a long-lasting kitchen back wall? At wandmotiv24 ​​you benefit from a selection of materials that have proven themselves. You can choose from hard foam, aluminum composite and acrylic glass . All three materials prove to be robust and can withstand heat better than materials such as wood.

Hard foam is cheaper than aluminum composite and acrylic glass. Due to its high heat resistance , acrylic glass is one of the most expensive materials used in kitchen walls. The material also impresses with its elegant shine.

Are you torn between a kitchen back wall made of aluminum composite and glass? We support you in your purchase decision and provide the most important advantages of both materials.

The advantages of kitchen back walls made of Alu-Dibond:

  • Heat resistance up to 80 degrees Celsius

  • matt look

  • Possibility of subsequent editing

The advantages of kitchen walls made of acrylic glass:

  • Heat resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius

  • shiny look

  • Reflections of the room

Why a kitchen back wall? - the advantages

In everyday life, the kitchen back wall serves as a splash guard. In contrast to a tile backsplash, modern kitchen back walls impress with their smooth surface structure. As a result, the models are easy to clean . You can spend the time you gain with your family or friends.

At the same time, the back walls for the kitchen have an attractive look. Glass kitchen splashbacks give every kitchen an elegant touch. Aluminum composite kitchen back walls also have an impact on the effect of the room and create an elegant ambience.

Alternatively, there is the option of using a rigid foam panel. This impresses with its attractive price and is visually in no way inferior to the glass and aluminum composite kitchen back walls.

In addition, our kitchen back walls can be installed in no time . You don't need any previous knowledge or manual skills.

All models impress with their pronounced heat resistance. If you use a gas stove, you should primarily use aluminum composite or glass. Because rigid foam cannot withstand particularly high temperatures.

The 3 millimeter thick kitchen back walls also impress with their high color brilliance and razor-sharp motifs . They completely cover unsightly tiles and give the kitchen a completely new effect.

Pure inspiration – our diverse motifs for contemporary kitchens

The good news first: you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to a kitchen wall! This means you have a wide range to choose from with countless categories and motifs . You can decide according to your own taste and choose a back wall that meets your requirements.

It is important that the new kitchen back wall fits harmoniously into the interior design of your kitchen. When choosing the kitchen panel, you don't just take the width and height into account. Rather, it is important to find a suitable color and a suitable photo.

As a sports fan, you naturally choose a sporty motif such as a fast Formula 1 car, a fascinating vintage car or an impressive airplane . You can also choose from motifs in a shabby look or retro style. Fashion motifs or natural motifs are also very popular and enrich every kitchen.

Have you moved to the country and miss the atmosphere of the skyscrapers? Modern kitchen splashbacks with city motifs bring the big city feeling into your own four walls.

And no matter which kitchen back wall you choose: all models have a non-porous surface. This means that neither dust nor dirt particles can settle.

A light cleaning is enough to keep the kitchen back wall hygienically clean . The days of difficult-to-maintain tile backsplashes are finally numbered.

Quick and easy – create the perfect kitchen back wall in 5 steps

The first step is to measure your kitchen wall. The following applies: Plan for a margin of up to 4 millimeters . This way you can ensure that the size of the kitchen back wall is correct and fits harmoniously into the overall picture. In addition, you avoid subsequent adjustments by craftsmen.

In the second step, you visit our online shop and select the appropriate format. There are various standard sizes available for you to choose from.

The kitchen back walls are available to you in the following dimensions:

  • 160cm

  • 180cm

  • 210cm

  • 240cm

  • 260cm

The third step is to specify outlet cutouts. These can be implemented before shipping. You can then install your glass kitchen back wall directly.

To do this, you determine the distance between the nearest back wall edges. To achieve a perfect result, the sockets must have a minimum distance to the edge. This is 6 centimeters.

In the fourth step you can make changes yourself. As soon as the kitchen back wall arrives, you can create cutouts on your own. This is easy with a kitchen back wall made of aluminum Dibond. A jigsaw and a conventional drill are necessary.

The final step involves assembling the kitchen back wall. First you should clean the wall of grease and dust. Then you remove irregularities.

Then apply the adhesive to the back of the kitchen back wall and press it to the wall. Attachment is even easier with the help of adhesive strips . Seal the edges of the back wall with silicone.

The conclusion – with the sports kitchen back wall for a top-modern kitchen

Bye-bye joint cleaning: Our high-quality kitchen walls with a sports motif emphasize your kitchen unit and create a masculine, elegant look. They serve as an accent and are either satin or shiny.

The non-porous surface allows for easy cleaning. You can choose from motifs such as racing cars, sports cars and vintage cars. You can also choose between kitchen back walls made of hard foam, aluminum composite or acrylic glass.

The high resolution and rich colors create a unique depth effect. The materials are also heat-resistant and durable.

Are you looking for the right inspiration? Then don't hesitate any longer and browse through our online shop to find your favorite motif!

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