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Kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs

Do you want to give your kitchen a stylish and modern touch that also expresses your passion for animals? Then you should take a look at our category of kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs. There you will find a wide selection of kitchen splashbacks with the most impressive designs that bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen and evoke vivid memories of adventure and travel.

Do you like the idea of ​​beautiful animal pictures in your kitchen? With our animal motifs you can not only make your kitchen a visual eye-catcher, but also express your love of animals in a unique way - and at the same time ensure that the wall behind the stove is protected from dirt.

Beastly good – breathtaking motifs for the kitchen

Animal motifs are undoubtedly one of the most popular decorative elements that can be found in our homes. After all, there are few people who have no affection for animals - most of us enjoy looking at them and would like to enrich our surroundings with these lovable creatures.

By using modern kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs, you can also express your love of animals in your kitchen design. The chic designs are currently on trend and are very popular among animal lovers.

There is something for every taste in our collection at Wandmotiv24: from heartwarming animal motifs to majestic shots to funny scenes with cute baby animals , there are numerous designs to choose from. For example, decorate your kitchen back wall with breathtaking images of large wild animals roaming through the African savannah: elephants, lions, giraffes or zebras make every adventurer's heart beat faster. Or would you rather take unique photos of wild animals such as bears, deer or wild horses in beautiful natural settings? Motifs of our beloved pets are also popular, be they peacefully sleeping puppies or curious kittens.

Colorful wildlife right in your home

In our specially designed gallery for animal lovers, we present a diverse selection of beautiful motifs that are related to animals. Since dogs and cats are often the closest companions in our homes, we have a diverse collection of kitchen splashbacks with different dog and cat motifs in our range. Whether young or old animals, different breeds or individual portraits as well as group photos - we have thought of all the needs of dog and cat lovers.

The connections between people and horses are similarly close, which is why we also offer a range of kitchen splashbacks that show horses in different scenes, be it galloping across green meadows or grazing peacefully in the pasture. The majestic animals are ideal as decoration for kitchen walls.

To create a special holiday atmosphere in the kitchen, we recommend kitchen splashbacks with fish and sea motifs. The deep blue water surfaces and the vibrant colors of the sea creatures, enhanced by the shine of the glass, give the impression that there is an aquarium right in your kitchen.

As you can see, our selection of kitchen splashbacks with wild animals is extremely diverse. Each motif has its own charm and can transform your kitchen into a truly beautiful and fascinating natural environment.

Savanna magic between the stove and the sink

Are you an Africa fan and enjoy the view of a vast savannah landscape? Then immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the African savannah with the right motif. We also have a modern kitchen splashback in our range that shows elephants, giraffes and zebras in the African savannah . This unique motif is guaranteed to make the hearts of animal and nature lovers beat faster and satisfy your wanderlust.

The high-quality design impressively shows the majestic presence of African animals in their natural environment. It captures the beauty and flair of the African savannah in every detail and is therefore much more than just decoration - rather, it is a journey to one of the most fascinating regions in the world.

The seamless and modern design of our kitchen splashback not only gives your kitchen a contemporary look, but also offers practical advantages. The seamless surface makes cleaning a breeze, while the design uniquely enriches your space and brings a touch of warmth and adventure to your kitchen. Nothing stands in the way of extensive cooking sessions with your loved ones, because the kitchen back wall serves as a reliable splash guard.

Iridescent butterflies

Discover the romantic side of nature with our “Iridescent Butterflies” kitchen splashback. While the African savannah captures the majestic world of wildlife, this backsplash will give your kitchen a completely different - but no less beautiful - impression of nature.

The brilliant colors and delicate beauty of the butterflies are a true feast for the senses. Our back wall shows the breathtaking diversity of the butterfly world and captures the magical moment when they float through the air and flutter around the flowers.

The design blends seamlessly with your kitchen and gives it a fresh, lively charm. The bright colors and artistic details of the butterflies create a cheerful atmosphere that invites you to linger and enjoy - like a spring day full of freshness and variety in your kitchen.

Tip : If you want to make your kitchen splashback a real eye-catcher, take a look at our kitchen splashbacks with 3D motifs . The 3D effect makes the design appear close enough to touch and inevitably attracts attention.

Majestic elephant as an eye-catcher

Do you want to add a touch of elegance and strength to your kitchen? The majestic elephant symbolizes wisdom and majesty, making it one of the most popular symbols in the animal world. Our design captures the grace and imposing presence of this majestic creature in impressive detail.

This work of art gives your kitchen a timeless elegance and reminds you every day how powerful and yet graceful the animal world can be. Let the elephant move into your home and enjoy a piece of majestic nature in your kitchen.

Create an atmospheric oasis

Natural accents in kitchen design are a wonderful way to create a harmonious connection to nature in this important room in your home. In the kitchen, where so much life and activity takes place, natural elements can create a calming yet inspiring atmosphere. With a suitable picture for your kitchen back wall, this is child's play.

Would you like to not only decorate your kitchen in some way, but also transform it into a real oasis of well-being? You can create a real design highlight with a panoramic animal motif, for example. These impressively showcase the wonders and vastness of nature. Each motif tells its own story and gives your kitchen a unique personality. Our kitchen splashbacks all feature vibrant colors and exceptional sharpness , allowing you to capture even the finest details.

Tip : Integrate gradually dimmable LED lighting behind your kitchen back wall - this way you can give any motif a particularly atmospheric mood. You can also easily combine our animal print kitchen splashbacks with other natural elements such as natural wooden furniture, green plants and earthy tones to create a harmonious interior style. This creates a space in your kitchen that is not only functional, but also inspiring and calming - perfect for preparing meals and socializing.

Installation & Care

The kitchen back walls from Wandmotiv24 ​​not only offer a visual eye-catcher, but also many practical advantages that make your everyday life much easier. A kitchen back wall serves as a practical splash guard , which tiles often take over. But cleaning a kitchen back wall is a lot easier – a gentle wipe with a soft cloth and a little water is enough to make the animal motif shine again in new splendour. Keeping your kitchen walls clean has never been easier.

But not only cleaning, but also installing our kitchen back walls is extremely easy. The back walls can be attached over your tile backsplash or other stable surface without any problems - no special craftsmanship is required. With just a few simple steps you can transform your kitchen into an artistic animal landscape and benefit from the advantages of an easy-care kitchen back wall.

Have we convinced you? Then get creative now and choose your kitchen back wall from our online shop. You can look forward to a beautiful work of art that will enhance your kitchen with minimal effort but at the same time with maximum impact.

Our quality promise for your satisfaction

At Wandmotiv24, quality is the priority. All of our products are carefully manufactured in Germany under strict quality controls by the Wandmotiv24 ​​brand and are characterized by vibrant colors and exceptional durability. Without joints or wallpaper, dirt deposits have no chance, and the back wall will stay clean and fresh for a long time as long as you follow the care instructions. Of course, you have the option to choose from different widths and heights to ensure that the back wall fits your kitchen perfectly.

You don't need to worry about your health or environmental impact either: all materials carry the renowned GreenGuardGold label for environmental sustainability.

Robust hard foam for durability

Our 3mm thick hard foam kitchen splashbacks are the perfect choice to give your kitchen a contemporary and fresh look. Rigid foam is a lightweight yet durable material that is ideal for the kitchen.

The rigid foam back panels are certified with the renowned GreenGuardGold label, which guarantees that they meet strict quality standards and improve the air quality in the room. These high-quality back panels are produced in Germany and offer first-class workmanship. You can choose between different widths (160 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm and 260 cm) and heights (50 cm and 60 cm).

Aluminum composite – elegant and stable

Our high-quality aluminum composite kitchen back walls with a thickness of 3 mm give your kitchen a particularly elegant touch. Aluminum composite consists of an aluminum layer between two plastic panels, which gives it remarkable stability and longevity. The aluminum composite rear walls also have the GreenGuardGold label and thus contribute to healthy indoor air. You can also choose from different widths (160 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm and 260 cm) and heights (50 cm and 60 cm) to create your individually tailored kitchen back wall.

Acrylic glass – brilliant shine and easy care

Acrylic glass is considered a particularly high-quality material that is best known for its clarity and resistance to breakage. Our acrylic glass back panels are also certified with the GreenGuardGold label and therefore help to improve the indoor air quality in your kitchen. These first-class back panels are made in Germany and offer excellent workmanship quality. You can order the acrylic glass wall in different widths (160 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm and 260 cm) and heights (50 cm and 60 cm).


Which kitchen back wall is modern?

Modern kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs are the ideal decoration for the kitchen of animal lovers - and all other nature enthusiasts. Natural motifs with orchids, stones or flower meadows are also particularly popular, as are kitchen splashbacks that reflect the themes of food and drink .

What can you use as a kitchen back wall?

Various materials are suitable as a kitchen back wall, depending on personal taste and design preferences. Our popular kitchen back walls made of hard foam, aluminum composite or acrylic glass are much more useful than conventional materials such as tiles and wallpaper. In addition to a modern look, they also have a whole range of practical advantages such as practical splash protection, easier cleaning and improved indoor air quality.

How do I design the back wall in the kitchen?

The design of the back wall in the kitchen depends on your preferences and your furnishing style. If you choose a kitchen splashback with a design, you can choose between different motifs - animal motifs are particularly suitable, for example, as they bring naturalness and warmth into your kitchen. Additionally, you can coordinate the back wall with other elements in your kitchen, such as the choice of furniture, colors and lighting.


Would you like to bring the world of animals into your own four walls and give your kitchen a modern look? Our kitchen splashbacks with animal motifs offer you the perfect combination of modern design and functionality. Quality, ease of care and individuality – these are what distinguish our products.

No matter whether you choose hard foam, aluminum composite or acrylic glass: every back panel is made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards. With our selection of widths and heights, you can adapt your back wall perfectly to your kitchen and turn it into a unique work of art.

Invest now in the beauty and functionality of your kitchen and transform it into your feel-good place with our kitchen splashbacks.

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