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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0250 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Dark Blue Marble w Gold 2 M0250
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0242 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Purple Marble w Gold M0242
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0251 kaufen - Bild 1
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0246 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks landscape colorful marble with gold M0246
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0245 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Blue Marble w Gold M0245
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0244 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Dark Blue Marble w Gold M0244
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0243 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Dark Blue Marble M0243
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0249 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas print Stones & Rocks, Landscape Format, Red Stone Wave 2 M0249
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0248 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Light Blue Marble M0248
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0247 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & Rocks Landscape Wood Panel w/ Gold Channel M0247
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Leinwandbild Steine & Felsen, Querformat M0241 kaufen - Bild 1
Canvas Print Stones & rocks, landscape format, red stone wave M0241
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Canvas Art - Stones & Wood

Canvas Art - Stones & Wood (

Are you longing for more balance in your home? Then our stone and wood motifs are the ideal decorative element for you to bring Zen-Buddhist-inspired tranquility into your four walls.

Our stone and wood canvas paintings represent harmony, unity and movement. The balanced shapes and structures not only have a calming effect on the mind, but also bring an aesthetic geometry into your furnishing style. In the large selection of canvas prints you will also find the right motif to give your home a pleasant feel-good charm.

Stone, sand and wood - feel-good motifs for your own home

Our numerous motifs with stones and wood should contribute to more balance, strength and peace in everyday life. The canvas prints create a special ambience and help your home to create an inviting wellness atmosphere that gives you a calming feeling every day.

The motifs come into their own on our canvases and give your home the perfect mix of calm, style and elegance. The best thing about it: The timeless pictures match any furnishing style and can be easily combined with your favorite home accessories.

The philosophy of Zen as a wall decoration

The canvas prints with wood and stone motifs take up a well-established tradition of Zen philosophy. This Far Eastern teaching deals with achieving inner peace and balance through meditation and mindfulness.

Our canvas prints can help you to create a meditative mood in the room and thus contribute to relaxation in everyday life. Browse through our products now and bring the power of nature into your own four walls.

Well-being for the soul, well-being for the spirit

Statics and dynamics - this contrast is particularly effective in our wellness motifs. While the wood represents mobility and change in life, the stones stand for durability and strength. This combination brings head and soul back into harmony with itself.

Our wood motifs convey a special feeling of cosiness and bring a homely, natural ambience to your home. Especially for the bathroom, the motifs with natural materials are a great accessory to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Make the right choice for the canvas painting with stones

Still not sure how you want to design your wall? In our shop you will find a large selection of canvas pictures with which you can set great accents in the room. Whether wood or stone motif - here is the right canvas picture for everyone.

Would you like to feel the calming effect of a natural wooden wall as soon as you get up? Then our multi-part wood motifs are ideal for beautifying your bedroom. Or are you looking for a harmonious, stylish decoration for the bathroom wall? Our stone motifs make the room look particularly modern and convey a feeling of cleanliness and nature.

Tip : Do you have a canvas picture that creates a feeling of calm and balance in you or reminds you of a beautiful moment? Personalized photo canvases from enable you to print your favorite photo on canvas so that you can look forward to the special sight every day.

Quality canvases

At, quality comes first. All our canvases are made of high quality materials. They are manufactured in -house and printed using the latest printing machines. The stable wooden frame ensures that the canvas picture remains dimensionally stable for a long time and that you can still enjoy the product for many years to come.

High-quality materials

The high-quality wooden frame with a thickness of 17 mm is produced in our own wood processing and is covered with a premium canvas fabric made of 100% polyester. Our materials go through strict quality controls , which is why we can realize a high color intensity, color saturation and an extremely long color fastness of our products.

The special surface texture of the canvas brings a lively effect to your wall - at the same time, the silky matt surface ensures that the motif is not reflected unsightly.

Brilliant print

In our manufactory, we print each canvas with high-quality colors that have been awarded the GreenGuardGold label. State-of-the-art printing technologies ensure that the products have excellent image sharpness and maximum color intensity.

Permanent and fade resistant

The quality of the materials ensures that our picture canvases are lightfast over a long period of time. You are also welcome to hang the motifs in a bright office with plenty of light - even after many years, the colors will still shine and beautify your wall.

sustainable production

By the way: Our canvas prints are not only made with the highest quality standards, but also as environmentally friendly as possible. We are constantly working to reduce our ecological footprint and produce a large part of our energy requirements independently using our solar system. Wherever possible, we use sustainable and recyclable materials for the production of our works of art in order to protect the environment.

We also show that nature is important to us with our partner program with Tree-Nation: we plant a tree for every article ordered. By ordering a picture canvas you are not only doing something good for yourself, you are also making a small contribution to the sustainable use of our resources.

Various formats and motifs for every room

Depending on which room you want to decorate with our canvas pictures, different motifs are possible. You should consider in advance which colors are suitable for the room: If the furnishings are kept rather simple, you can add some variety to the room with a splash of color on the wall. A colorful, eye-catching interior, on the other hand, benefits from a picture whose motif radiates calm and balance - muted colors or even a uniform coloring of the canvas are better suited here.

With regard to the format , you should also think carefully about which picture canvas is suitable for you. Portrait images are suitable for smaller rooms and narrow walls. They also make a good decorative element between furniture or windows, for example. Landscape canvases are ideal for larger, wider walls, such as the wall above the sofa or bed.

Depending on the size of the wall and room, you can choose between different canvas sizes in our shop. You can choose from the following sizes for our single canvas prints:

  • Small at 40 x 30 cm

  • Medium at 60 x 45 cm

  • Large at 80 x 60 cm

  • Extra large with 100 x 75 cm

  • Huge at 120 x 90 cm

A small kitchen, for example, benefits from a smaller screen that beautifies the wall and creates a cozy atmosphere. The living room is happy about a large screen in XXL size or even a multi-part ensemble that is hung above the sofa to its best advantage.


Are you longing for a little variety in your apartment and you are still not sure how to do it? With our artistic canvas motifs you can add great accents to a wall and give the room a natural, calming mood.

Browse through the large selection of stone and wood motifs and find a canvas that suits you and your furnishing style. Whether multi-piece or statement piece: we have the most beautiful motifs for your home, with which you can give your apartment character and enrich your everyday life with harmony and balance.

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