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Poster painting dragon fantasy M0245
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Poster heart, hands, black, red M0310
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Poster Woman Tattoo Arm M0175
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Poster lion fantasy painting M0356
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Poster Rock, skeleton, grunge M0294
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Poster Dragon, Water, Japan M0247
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Poster dragon, fish, Japan M0246
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Poster painting dragon fantasy M0244
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Poster painting dragon fantasy M0243
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Poster painting dragon fantasy M0242
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Fantasy poster – creative wall decoration for a cozy ambience

Frightening skulls, majestic dragons, grunge skulls or an experienced samurai: high-quality fantasy posters with numerous motifs await you at wandmotiv24. Give your home a unique flair and bring your favorite fantasy character to life!

At wandmotiv24 ​​no wishes remain unfulfilled. Browse through our online shop and use the convenient search filter to select a work of art that suits your personal needs.

A skull radiates an unmistakable calm. A samurai gives your living room a strong look. Or do you prefer motifs that express your creative soul? In our range you will find fantasy-style murals that will enhance your interior and impress your guests.

► Fantasy poster – creative wall decoration for a cozy atmosphere!

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Let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and magic

Discover magical worlds, mysterious fantasy characters and enchanted forests on wandmotiv24! No matter whether you have a fondness for elves, belong to the gothic scene or are looking for a way to escape your boring everyday life: we offer you a large selection of imaginative motifs for your four walls. .

And the best part? The murals impress with their high-quality materials and professional workmanship. This way you can enjoy your new favorite work of art for years and can also give the fantasy pictures to the people you love with a clear conscience.

Fantasy poster at wandmotiv24

Jean-Jacques Rousseau already stated: “The world of reality has its limits, the world of fantasy is limitless.” Thanks to the pictures from wandmotiv24, you can treat yourself to a break in your stressful everyday life, escape reality for a short time and leave normality behind you. In this way you pave your way into a realm of fiction , a bizarre parallel world that seems as absurd as it is necessary.

Here you don't have to function or accept anything. Instead, you send your soul on a journey , join elegant elves, slip into the shoes of brave warriors or enjoy the sight of a skull that symbolizes the end of life. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and express your creative side any longer.


They are considered alert, intelligent, cunning and strong: dragons have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. The mythical creatures are described as the spawn of devils in emblematics and fine art from the Middle Ages onwards.

In ancient Greece, the creatures were associated with a strong sense of cunning and malevolence. In ancient China, however, they were worshiped as a symbol of luck, intelligence and goodness. At the same time, the powerful fantasy animals were seen as rulers of the elements, because in ancient legends the mythical creature controls fire, water, air and earth.

Today we connect a dragon with a snake, the mother of the earth. In films like “The Hobbit,” the producers refer to the high intelligence and danger that the fantasy creature is said to pose.

Wandmotiv24 ​​offers you an exclusive selection of dragon pictures. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase beauty posters and other motifs.


Life and death, rebellion, freedom and immortality: the skull is a symbol of our awareness of the finiteness of life and our own mortality.

Furthermore, the skull represents the search for the meaning of life. Many people also feel a unique sense of calm when they see a skull.

Fantasy poster as a gift

As the birthday of someone close to your heart approaches, you start looking for a unique, high-quality gift. If your friend shares your passion for fantasy artwork, you can choose a noble fantasy poster or a fantasy acrylic painting for the wall.

The wandmotiv24 ​​online shop offers posters and murals for every budget and every taste . Click through our range and see for yourself.

Fantasy posters for every room

Are you wondering what requirements a room must meet so that your fantasy poster is optimally presented? We have good news for you: you can hang imaginative pictures in every room ! The stylish wall decorations from our online shop are available in numerous colors and designs.

Frame posters and stage them skillfully

Let's face it: Framing a poster can be tricky. But don't worry! With the right tips and tricks, you can frame and hang your artwork in no time.

First you should determine the dimensions of your picture . At wandmotiv24 ​​the size is already shown to you, so you can purchase a frame directly.

If necessary, choose a frame with a passe-partout. This creates a depth effect that makes your work of art appear alive.

Another advantage: frames with a passe-partout do not have to correspond to the size of the picture. This means you can reuse an existing frame. The color of the passe-partout should be lighter than the picture and darker than the wall color.

The materials of the picture frame should harmonize with the fantasy picture. A simple frame optimally enhances the effect of a colorful picture.

The majority of the frames consist of a removable frame and clear glass . You can avoid reflections with an exclusive anti-reflective glass. This material is recommended if the image is in a sunny location. But lighting the frame can also make an anti-reflective glass frame appear necessary.

Alternatively, frames made of acrylic glass are available. The plexiglass inserts are shatterproof and lightweight. But be careful: In contrast to glass, acrylic glass shows scratches within a short time.

Before you place the picture in the frame, clean it with a damp microfiber cloth or a glass cleaner and newspaper. Then position the fantasy picture in the middle of the frame and put the frame glass and the frame together again.

Now it's time to skillfully stage your picture with a fantasy motif. Choose a wall that has enough space for your artwork. Ideally, you can use the picture to set accents and give your private rooms an extraordinary look.

Decoration – what goes with fantasy posters?

Modern fantasy posters express your creative streak and harmonize with an environment that also appears unconventional . Additionally, make sure that the colors of the fantasy poster or mural with a fantasy motif match your interior.

You can combine your posters from wandmotiv24 ​​with fantasy figures or printed side tables . Fine art prints also complement the imaginative motifs.

For example, create your personal magic forest by equipping a room of your choice with the appropriate motifs. This is where you retreat to escape the stress of everyday life for a short time.

The conclusion – stylish fantasy pictures for your home

Conflicts, stress and challenges await us in everyday life. In our fantasy world, however, we create a place of peace and security.

With a mural or poster with a fantasy motif, you can transform a boring living room or bedroom into a creative oasis of well-being. The ambience also allows you to escape from reality for a few moments and create a truly magical world at home. You can supplement the pictures with attractive stickers , also known as wall tattoos.

Numerous fantasy images are available to you at wandmotiv24. You benefit from a large selection and fast and convenient deliveries.

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