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Buy wall pictures - printed glass pictures for a stylish interior design

Murals are popular in the trend of individual living requirements, especially for brilliant color prints according to individual specifications. When buying, however, you should adapt the material to your requirements and the use to the environmental conditions. Digital print templates are implemented on all materials, even in free formats, true to the original, with brilliant colors and long-lasting.

Properties of Plexiglas, Alu-Dibond, aluminium, rigid foam and decorative foil

Glass pictures make a photograph or graphic appear particularly brilliant in color due to the shiny properties of the surface. Depending on your taste and motif, you can transform your murals into a stylish artistic abstraction by varying the print material. These are the properties that characterize the print substrate and print on the various materials:
  • Plexiglas (actually: acrylic glass) is a popular image carrier in the fine arts. From here, interior designers and private individuals discover the many printing options on the glass-like, but much lighter and unbreakable plastic. The murals are printed BEHIND the glass surface according to your digital template. In this way, the color brilliance is retained over the long term.
  • With the Alu-Dibond image carrier, two outer layers of aluminum are firmly bonded to a light core of polyethylene. Prints on such murals are characterized by a fine silver sheen with an almost three-dimensional look.
  • Aluminum is a strong and durable base for murals. However, Alu-Dibond is used more often than a pure aluminum plate. Light metal combines weatherproof properties with a very clear and elegant color rendering. Even mechanical influences do not adversely affect the image and print substrate in the long term. This makes aluminum wall pictures ideal for hanging outdoors or in weather-loaded, covered intermediate areas.
  • Rigid foam feels almost weightless. Nevertheless, direct UV printing with permanent color brilliance is possible. Hard foam murals do not have the same luster as glass murals. But the base allows high-resolution photo prints, which as a room accessory reflect a favorite motif in detail.
  • Decorative film is a decorative, wafer-thin plastic film with an adhesive side. Instead of wall pictures, you can also use such a material in a free choice of format for back walls, kitchen cabinets, backsplashes or photo wallpaper. Decorative film is temperature-resistant, colorfast and will still be attractively decorated with your favorite motif even after many years. If necessary, you can wipe them off without affecting the motifs.

Advantages of printed wall and glass pictures

Individuality is a requirement that more and more residents are making of their private surroundings. At the same time, pleasant memories play an important role in creating an inviting living atmosphere. You can buy glass pictures here for exactly both requirements and immortalize your photos from your last vacation, your family or other favorite motifs. Plexiglas for glass pictures makes even large XXL formats light as a feather for hanging on walls. At the same time, you get the shine that makes everything even more brilliant in color as part of your room atmosphere. Glass pictures or murals made of aluminum Dibond and other materials are also a good gift idea, for example for an anniversary or when moving in. With regard to possible formats, you can buy rectangular, square, round or shape-free glass pictures and wall pictures, just as it best suits your digital template for our print job.

Possible uses for murals with print

If you want to buy murals and have them printed, the weight, material, gloss and possibly 3D effect as well as the format should be adapted to the room conditions. Matt murals made of aluminum Dibond go perfectly with a puristic living environment. On the other hand, you enhance nostalgic or more classically functional furnishings if glass pictures influence the room effect with their light reflections. The light hard foam is ideal for children's rooms, while wall pictures on aluminum Dibond with their fine silver effect are the right addition for the "living room" in shabby chic. Commercially, aluminum signs with individual imprints are ideal for hanging in outdoor areas or semi-weather-protected access areas. Companies like to buy murals for advertising purposes. Because apart from the favorable material and printing price, a kind of poster can be designed for long presentation times. Conclusion: Glass pictures and murals made of other, light materials are popular, especially for private purposes. Before you buy, you should consider which gloss and color effect, which format and where you prefer to attach it. We deliver suitable murals from your digital template for outdoor and indoor areas, for puristic, nostalgic or advertising purposes. You can buy rectangular, square, round, oval or other free shapes.