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Wall stickers - creative accents for every room

A wall tattoo brings a breath of fresh air into your four walls. Don't feel like renovating? Wandmotiv24 ​​shows you a large selection of wall tattoos for decoration. Choose your favorite motif and enjoy the fresh effect. We have original wall stickers for you for every taste and every wall. From the children's room to the living room, your home will soon be decorated with flowers, animals, ornaments, skylines or sunsets.

A wall tattoo is suitable for beautifying all rooms. Because a wall needs the right decoration to create an atmosphere of well-being. Browse through our range and design children's rooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms with stylish wall tattoos.

The fairytale children's room wall decal

Child-friendly decoration stimulates the imagination of the offspring. The tastes are as different as the children. Do your little ones want a fairy tale wall sticker in the children's room? Then we have a wide variety of motifs for you, from Little Red Riding Hood to Sterntaler and Rapunzel. Are you looking for colorful happy farm animals or wild dinosaurs and dragons? We supply you with wall decals for girls and boys of all ages. All children's eyes shine here: from football fans to butterfly lovers.

Wall sticker motifs to feel good in the living room

Sayings on the wall are real eye-catchers that will captivate every visitor. Set trends and transform your living room into a paradise full of flowers or ornaments with wall tattoos. Suitable sayings or wisdom underline your lifestyle and radiate an inviting cosiness. Bring the skyline of London, New York or Dresden into your own home with a wall sticker. The combination of warm colors and pictorial contrasts helps your living room make a grand entrance.

Fantastic wall decals for the bedroom

Conjure up the starry sky in your bedroom with a wall sticker. It has been proven that relaxation and a good night's sleep also depend on the design of the bedroom. Choose your furnishings and your wall decals with love and treat your quiet zone to a pleasant color scheme. Various motifs and sayings let you calm down and create a great flair.

Poetry for the kitchen

The kitchen is a place of passion. This is where the family meets and enjoys valuable hours together. Cooking is much more fun in a stylish environment. Set up a relaxed coffee lounge and enjoy the well-deserved end of the day looking at your wall tattoos. Stylish lettering or cocktail recipes are absolutely trendy and make the workroom a place to linger.

Our wall decal service

Benefit from our large selection of wall tattoos and order the desired motif in one of the many selectable sizes. To achieve an optimal result, simply order a normal squeegee or a felt squeegee. From a minimum order value of 50 euros, we even give you the shipping costs. Enjoy your new wall tattoo and hold it in your hands in just one or two days.