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Fototapete Raumschiff Raumerweiterung Weltall M6491 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Spaceship Space Extension Universe M6491
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Fototapete Strandblick Meer Segelschiffe M1098 - Bild 1
Beach view sea sailing ships M1098
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Fototapete Elefant 3D Wanddurchbruch M1238 - Bild 1
Wall mural elephant 3D wall breakthrough M1238
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Pergola Sonnenterrasse M1083 - Bild 1
Photo Wallpaper Pergola Sun Terrace M1083
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete 3D Effekt Blumen Orchideen Kugeln M6096 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D effect flowers orchids balls M6096
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Fototapete weißer Tunnel 3D Optik M6701 - Bild 1
Wall mural white tunnel 3D optics M6701
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Fototapete Asien Dorf Japan M1072 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Asia Village Japan M1072
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Park Garten Blumen M1136 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Park Garden Flowers M1136
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Raum Tür Strand Fenster M6806 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Room Door Beach Window M6806
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Fototapete New York 3D M1842 - Bild 1
Wall mural New York 3D M1842
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Balkon Ausblick Meer M1105 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Balcony View Sea M1105
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Seeblick Sandstein Terrasse M1080 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Lake View Sandstone Terrace M1080
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete 3D Sonnenaufgang - grobe Steinmauer M0630 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D sunrise - rough stone wall M0630
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Raumerweiterung Raumschiff Science Ficti M6499 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Space Extension Spaceship Science Ficti M6499
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Fussball Wanddurchbruch M1269 - Bild 1
Wall mural soccer wall breakthrough M1269
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Raumschiff Weltraum Planeten Science Fic M6501 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Spaceship Outer Space Planets Science Fic M6501
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Raumschiff Planeten Weltall Science Fict M6502 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Spaceship Planets Universe Science Fict M6502
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete 3D Wald am Morgen - Steinmauer M0661 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D forest in the morning - stone wall M0661
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Tropical Meer-blick Balkon M1231 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Tropical Sea View Balcony M1231
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Skulptur Frau Schmetterlinge Gips Wand M4631 - Bild 1
Wall mural sculpture woman butterflies plaster wall M4631
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Große Fenster Ausblick auf Wasser M6133 - Bild 1
Wall mural Large window views of M6133 waterfront
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Meer Burg Küste M1074 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Sea Castle Coastline M1074
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Grau Fantasy Stein Abstrakt M3629 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Gray Fantasy Stone Abstract M3629
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Strasse italienische Stadt Italien Gasse M1084 - Bild 1
Street Italian Town Italy Alley M1084
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete Fenster Fensterblick 3D M0703 - Bild 1
Wall mural window window view 3D M0703
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete weiss Korridor 3D Kugeln M4635 - Bild 1
Wall mural white corridor 3D balls M4635
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Strand Palmen Terrasse M6811 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Beach Palm Trees Terrace M6811
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
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Fototapete 3D Kugeln Tunnel Flur M6087 - Bild 1
Wall mural 3D balls tunnel corridor M6087
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Nashorn 3D Optik Wanddruchbruch M6616 - Bild 1
Wall mural rhino 3D optics wall breakthrough M6616
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Balkon Meerblick Mediterran M1086 - Bild 1
Wall Mural Balcony Sea View Mediterranean M1086
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Ball Wanddurchbruch 3D Optik M6699 - Bild 1
Wall mural ball wall breakthrough 3D optics M6699
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99
Save 30%
Fototapete Wanddurchbruch 3D Optik Ball M6698 - Bild 1
Wall mural breakthrough 3D optics ball M6698
Regular price€39,99 Sale priceFrom €27,99

Frequently asked questions about photo wallpaper

A mural is a special type of wallpaper that has a printed photo motif on it. Unlike traditional wallpaper with patterns or monochromatic designs, a mural consists of a large, seamless graphic print depicting a specific image or landscape. These images can come from a variety of sources, such as nature photography, city scenes, artwork, patterns, or abstract designs.

Wall murals make it possible to decorate a room with impressive and lively images and create a certain atmosphere or mood. They are widely used in living room, bedroom, office, shop or other indoor space to create eye-catching and visually enrich the space.

Wall murals are available in different sizes to suit different wall surfaces. They can be ordered either as pre-made rolls of wallpaper with fixed dimensions, or as bespoke wallpapers made to fit the specific dimensions of the wall.

When installing a wall mural, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the wallpaper is positioned correctly and applied smoothly to the wall. As a rule, installation is carried out in a similar way to traditional wallpaper, applying the glue to the wallpaper, and then applying it to the prepared wall.

Wall murals offer a creative way to design rooms and express individual style. They can transform a room and add an impressive visual element.

A non-woven photo wallpaper is a modern wall covering made of non-woven material and printed with an individual photo motif. Fleece is a special wall covering that consists of textile fibers and stands out due to its special properties.

Fleece is a breathable material that wicks moisture well and prevents mold growth. It is also tear resistant so the wallpaper can be easily applied without soaking. In addition, the smooth surface of the fleece allows for precise printing quality, which means that the photo motifs on the wallpaper appear in high resolution and vivid colors.

Self-adhesive non-woven wallpapers offer additional convenience when installing. These wallpapers have a self-adhesive backing so they can be applied directly to the wall without the use of paste. This eliminates the hassle of pasting the wallpaper and waiting for it to dry.

Non-woven photomurals are available in a variety of motifs and offer the opportunity to design rooms individually. From natural landscapes to abstract art to city panoramas - the choice is almost unlimited. In addition, non-woven photomurals can be easily removed again if necessary, without leaving any residue.

If you are looking for a wallcovering that offers high-quality photographic prints, easy installation and long-lasting properties, non-woven wall murals are an excellent choice. Also try self-adhesive non-woven wallpaper to ease the installation process.

When looking for a suitable mural for a small space, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  1. Light colors: Opt for wall murals with light tones. Light colors make a room appear larger and more open. Avoid dark or overly bold colors as they can make the room feel overwhelming.
  2. Perspective: choose wall murals with a sense of depth or perspective that visually enlarges the space. Subjects such as landscapes, city panoramas or paths that lead into the distance can expand the space and give it more depth.
  3. Patterns and Designs: Avoid overly large or cluttered patterns as they can make the room feel overwhelming. Wallpaper with small or medium-sized patterns that visually expand the space are optimal.
  4. Unobtrusive Design: An unobtrusive mural without too many details can help keep the space from looking crowded. Simple patterns or abstract designs are good choices for small spaces.
  5. Natural elements: Wall murals with natural elements such as plants, flowers or landscapes can brighten up the room and create a relaxing atmosphere. However, avoid wallpaper with too much detail so as not to clutter up the space.

Remember that choosing a wall mural also depends on your personal taste and style. Think carefully about which motif best suits your room and your furnishings.

I hope these tips will help you choose a wall mural for your small space!

A mural for the bedroom should have calming and relaxing motifs. Popular options are nature images, such as forests, beaches, or sunsets. Abstract patterns in soft tones can also create a pleasant atmosphere. When choosing a mural for the bedroom, it is important to pay attention to high-quality materials that allow for easy cleaning. Washable photo wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp cloth without detergent, which makes maintenance easier. They are also durable, retaining their colors and quality over time. By following these tips, you can find the perfect mural for your bedroom and create a harmonious environment conducive to relaxation and rest.

Yes, you can stick self-adhesive photo wallpaper on woodchip wallpaper. Self-adhesive wall murals are a great option for quickly and easily decorating a wall, and they adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including woodchip.

Before you apply the mural, you should make sure the woodchip surface is clean, dry and free of dust or dirt. Remove loose particles and smooth rough areas with sandpaper if necessary.

Start by positioning the wallpaper top to bottom and slowly unrolling it while smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. You can use a wallpaper brush or squeegee to make this easier.

Be sure to press the wallpaper down carefully to ensure it sticks well. You can also use a soft, clean brush to gently tap the wallpaper to make sure it lays snugly all over.

It is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific wall mural as different products may have specific requirements.

With these steps, you should be able to successfully stick self-adhesive photo wallpaper onto woodchip wallpaper and achieve an impressive result.

Yes, you can stick photo wallpaper on wood. It is a popular way to enhance and customize wood surfaces. Here are some steps you can follow to install wall mural on wood:

  1. Preparation: Make sure the wood is clean, dry and smooth. Remove any impurities or loose particles from the surface.
  2. Cut Wall Mural: Cut the wall mural to the desired size and shape. Make sure you have enough material to fold over the edges.
  3. Mixing the glue: Prepare the glue according to the manufacturer's instructions. There is a special wallpaper paste for photo wallpaper that works well on wood.
  4. Gluing the photo wallpaper: Apply the glue evenly to the back of the photo wallpaper. Make sure you use enough glue to ensure good adhesion, but avoid over-application to prevent wallpaper from soaking through.
  5. Applying the photo wallpaper: Carefully place the photo wallpaper on the wooden surface and press it flat. Start in the center and work outwards to avoid air bubbles. Use a wallpaper brush or squeegee to smooth the wallpaper down.
  6. Remove Excess Material: Trim excess wallpaper material around the edges to get a clean edge.
  7. Allow to dry: Allow the mural to dry completely according to the adhesive's instructions.

It is important to note that the durability of the wood mural depends on various factors such as the quality of the glue, the finish of the wood and the correct application. It is therefore advisable to read the wallpaper manufacturer's instructions and possibly carry out tests beforehand.

With this method you can stick photo wallpaper on wood and thus achieve an individual and attractive design of your wooden surfaces.

Yes, photomurals are washable. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth without using detergents. This allows you to remove any dirt or stains from the photo wallpaper and make it look clean and fresh again. It is important to ensure that the cloth is damp but not too wet to avoid damaging the wallpaper. With this simple method you can take care of your wall mural and keep it beautiful.

The best wall murals are made of non-woven material, as this has many advantages over paper wallpaper. You can simply attach them with the wall adhesive technique and remove them again when dry.

After wallpapering the photo wallpaper, it should dry evenly at a room temperature of 20 °C. For this it is important that there are no drafts in the room through open windows.

A mural can not only change the atmosphere in the room, but also make it appear larger. The color blue is particularly well suited for this, because it creates – like the sky or the sea – a feeling of endless expanse.

Non-woven wallpaper is attached to the wall using the wall-pasting technique. For this you need paste and a sufficiently large wallpapering brush. Our photomurals are already delivered to you in pre-cut lengths. So you only have to worry about pasting the wall and attaching the individual strips end to end. Be sure to prepare your wall well by smoothing out any unevenness and removing dirt.

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Buy 3D wallpapers

A photo wallpaper can visually enhance a room. However, it is even more beautiful if this wallpaper is a three-dimensional image . The effect is that the landscapes, objects or patterns shown appear even more alive; they seem to protrude straight into the room or merge with it.

Thanks to modern computer graphics, a flat image can now easily be transformed into one with a 3D effect. These wallpapers look great in both residential and commercial spaces.

Wallpapers with 3D effects beautify your room

The 3D effect as a special effect

Your wall comes to life with a photo wallpaper with a 3D look . The eye is tricked with special motifs or patterns, creating an optical illusion for anyone who looks at your wall. The effects can be either subtle or spectacular – decide for yourself what works best for your space.

The return of the photo wallpaper

3D photo wallpapers were already popular in the 70s . Even at this time there were already expressive designs that adorned people's walls and beautified rooms. However, there was the disadvantage that printing technology back then was not as sophisticated as it is today. As a result, motifs often appeared out of focus and lacked a sense of depth. As a result, the hoped-for illusion often failed to materialize.

However, today this has changed due to high-quality and modern printing technologies . This allows realistic images to be created that give the impression that you are in your own four walls on the beach or between trees.

By the way, great effects for your room can also be created with our designer wallpapers , which show unusual motifs from patterns and art .

Photo wallpapers with 3D effect: scope of application

Basically, 3D wall wallpapers can be used wherever a room can be visually improved . Although bedrooms and living rooms are the most popular, there are also usually suitable wall areas in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

You can use a 3D photo wallpaper to make a small room look larger . If there are not many light sources in the room, a bright subject works very well.

To impress your customers, you can of course also have 3D wallpaper installed in your business premises . Areas of application are often found in pubs, restaurants and hotels.

New perspective: Different motifs in 3D

A wide variety of motifs can be used for a photo wallpaper with a 3D look. It is important that they fit well into your room. Classic motifs are floral and stone wallpapers . These can already create a beautiful effect in the room. But unusual images, such as a spaceship expansion or an elephant breaking through the wall, are also possible.

When choosing your motif, you should think in advance about which furnishing concept you are pursuing. If you want the style to be more natural, pictures with forests or wide meadows are suitable. Most people love the view of water , especially a wide sea. In combination with a modern or abstract interior, our 3D wallpapers with balls in different colors are ideal. These seem to move through the room and create a unique ambience.

Glue the 3D wallpaper correctly

You can easily put the 3D wallpaper on the wall yourself. To do this, you will need, among other things , wallpaper paste and a sufficiently large brush . We will deliver the wallpaper to you in a roll with several strips.

The most important thing in this context is proper preparation . Pay particular attention to the surface on which you want to attach the wallpaper. The wall must be clean, dry, smooth and absorbent . That's why you should first fill any holes or cracks using filler from the hardware store. A painter's spatula or a smoothing trowel can be used as a smoothing tool. It is important that you always wait for the specified drying time before continuing.

You can then start applying your 3D wallpaper. To achieve the best possible results, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare bows: Proper preparation is also important here. Lay out the sheets in the correct order so that you don't get confused while working. Please make sure that no dirt gets on the tracks and that they do not get kinks.

  2. Mark the position of the 3D wallpaper on the wall: You should determine the exact position beforehand, especially if it is a photo wallpaper that will only cover part of the wall. To do this, take a spirit level and a sharp pencil with a hard lead. You then draw the lines both vertically and horizontally on the wall. On the one hand, these markings show you how the tracks should run, and on the other hand, they mark the top and bottom edges.

  3. Mix wallpaper paste: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and mix the paste as described. Choose a suitable bucket and make sure the stirring tool is clean. Contaminated paste could leave unsightly marks on the wall.

  4. Pasting the wall: To put the wallpaper on the wall, you have to paste the surface little by little. In any case, the paste should be applied quickly to the wall using a paste brush. Do this carefully, as areas where no paste adheres will later become noticeable as air bubbles. Compensating for this later is difficult.

  5. Attach the strip of wallpaper to the wall : The first strip of wallpaper can now be attached to the wall. Make sure you put them on straight. Mistakes can only be corrected until the paste has dried. The sheet should then be smoothed from the inside out with a pressure roller. Again, be careful not to include any air bubbles. If this does happen, you can carefully remove them.

  6. Attach additional strips of wallpaper: If the first strip adheres correctly to the wall, you should continue with the others in sequence. To ensure that the overall picture does not have any flaws, the panels are aligned with each other. There should be no gaps or bulges in between. It is best to have a second person help you with this step.

To ensure that the strips stick to the wall, the room should not be ventilated immediately after wallpapering. Instead, make sure to keep the room temperature at around 20°C . This allows the paste to dry evenly.

Which material is used?

Three different materials can be used for 3D wallpaper. They are traditionally made of paper , although the heavier and thicker the paper, the better the quality. A new innovation is non-woven wallpaper , which is also offered in our online shop. The advantage is that non-woven wallpapers are particularly stable , but still light and thin enough to be easily attached to the wall.

Self-adhesive non-woven or textured wallpapers are also a high-quality alternative to normal non-woven wallpapers. They can be easily attached to the wall, with the preparation of the surface playing a crucial role. The wall or surface should be as dust-free and smooth as possible.

A wide range of patterns

A wide variety of patterns are available for 3D wallpapers. However, the background is usually dominated by one color so that it stands out well from the motifs. These are often graphic shapes that are further emphasized by playing with shadows. In addition, the moiré effect (overlaying grids) and origami figures are popular in 3D wallpapers.

Wallpaper to match the interior style

Are you still unsure which 3D photo wallpaper is suitable for your room? It's best if you orientate yourself on your furnishing style . For the industrial style, for example, choose wallpaper with a concrete or stone look. These look particularly good in the living room or kitchen.

For the bedroom you should use motifs with a calming look . Nature motifs, floral patterns or pictures of the beach are suitable for this. Create your own oasis of well-being within your four walls with 3D wallpaper, where you can escape from everyday life at any time.

They provide a special depth effect

Small and poorly lit rooms in particular can be enhanced with 3D wallpapers, as the wallpapers create a great depth effect. For example, if you decorate the wall of a small room with photo wallpaper, you automatically expand it visually.

In rooms that are dimly lit due to fewer windows, wallpaper in light colors is suitable. You should also provide highlights with ceiling spotlights or indirect lighting. This creates the impression that the photo wallpaper provides more light in the room, which is particularly important if there are pictures of windows on it.


Do you have any questions about the topic or need suggestions? In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions, with helpful answers and tips.

Which wallpapers will be trendy in 2023?

Wallpapers that are characterized by natural colors are currently in trend. But 3D wallpapers that depict a specific material such as wood or stone are also popular.

How do I glue 3D wallpaper correctly?

Putting 3D wallpaper on walls is not rocket science. They are delivered in several strips on a roll so that you can easily attach them one after the other. In any case, make sure that the wall on which a photo wallpaper is attached is smooth, dry and clean.

Which wallpapers are fashionable now?

Wallpapers with a material look (wood, stone, concrete) are modern. Wallpapers with natural motifs or structures are also popular. Wallpapers that are produced using digital printing are very popular.

What are 3D wallpapers?

3D wallpapers are characterized by the fact that the motifs depicted on them appear realistic and true to detail. The optical illusion is reinforced by the apparent shadow cast.


Photo wallpapers with a 3D effect can ensure that a room is visually enlarged or brightened. On the wall they convey an expressive depth effect. This gives the viewer the feeling that the patterns or motifs are part of the real furnishings.

3D wallpapers are particularly popular in living rooms or bedrooms. They complement the interior design optimally and, in the best case, underline the individual furnishing style.

You don't need to have any special expertise to put a photo wallpaper on the wall. It's enough if you think about the topic a little beforehand and prepare your wall well. If you are still unsure, you should ask a second person for support.

In our shop you will find a large selection of different 3D photo wallpapers, so there is sure to be a suitable motif or pattern for your room.

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