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Kitchen back walls with high-quality design with different materials to choose from

The rear wall of the kitchen - individual and easy to care for

Kitchens are becoming increasingly important in your own four walls. If they used to only be used for cooking, today they are often a place to stay and meet up with family and friends. Therefore, increased value is placed on a personal kitchen design. A kitchen splashback with a design is a good way to customize your kitchen. As a splash guard, it takes on another important task. Kitchen splashbacks are mainly made of the following materials and have different properties accordingly. In order to find the right kitchen splashback for your kitchen, you should take a closer look at and compare the individual variants.

Print the aluminum dibond plate

Aluminum composite panels consist of two layers of aluminum with a black polyethylene core. The surfaces are provided with a film on both sides. This can be plain, multi-colored or stove-enamelled, as required. There are therefore no limits to the visual design options. Aluminum composite panels are very light and easy to cut into any shape. It has a high level of stability, is temperature-resistant and is therefore ideal as a splash guard behind the stove and the worktop. Another plus is the relatively low price compared to equivalent materials.

Printed on the rigid foam board

Rigid foam boards consist of consolidated foam, in most cases this is polystyrene as well as polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride. These panels are characterized by good insulating properties and high rigidity. They are moisture-resistant, swell-resistant and very robust. This material is easy to saw or cut. Rigid foam boards are often also used as a base for acrylic glass or ESG glass, for example to compensate for minor unevenness.

acrylic glass

Optically, acrylic glass is similar to traditional glass, but in contrast to it, it is absolutely unbreakable and scratch-resistant. It is easy to care for and temperature resistant. Acrylic glass can be processed either by laser or mechanically using saws, milling cutters or drills. Just like ESG glass, acrylic glass can be printed from behind. A high-quality photo print can also be used if desired, giving the material a unique appearance.

The ESG safety glass

ESG or standard safety glass consists of a heat-treated pane of glass. The special manufacturing process of heating and cooling increases shock and impact resistance. It is characterized by a noble look and super brilliance.

ESG safety glass is temperature-resistant and easy to clean. Safety glass can only be treated to a very limited extent, as it can shatter into small pieces. Therefore, it should be ordered in the exact size. Just like acrylic glass, safety glass can also be designed individually.


In order to be able to design kitchens individually, kitchen splashbacks with design are particularly well suited, since in principle any desired motif is possible. Cleaning is quite easy with a damp cloth and washing-up liquid. However, scratching sponges or scouring agents should be avoided in order to preserve the shine. So well cared for, you will be able to enjoy your new designed kitchen splashback for many years to come.

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