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Küchenrückwand Limette Eis Pfefferminze Grün M1103 entdecken - Bild 1
Splash Lime Ice Peppermint Green M1103
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Küchenrückwand Kaffee Tasse Glas Schokolade Haselnuss M1170 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback coffee cup glass chocolate hazelnut M1170
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Küchenrückwand Orchideen Rot Weiß Pflanze Hintergrund M1148 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Backsplash Orchid Red White Plant Backdrop M1148
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Küchenrückwand Tribal Blätter Grün Verlauf Ranken M1195 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Tribal leaves green gradient tendrils M1195
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Küchenrückwand Granatapfel Rot Obst M1097 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Splash Pomegranate Red Fruit M1097
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Küchenrückwand Kirschen Korb Eis Kalt Frost Fenster M1138 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen back wall cherries basket ice cold frost window M1138
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Küchenrückwand Johannisbeere Wein Eis Schnee Frost Rot M1101 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Splash Currant Wine Ice Snow Frost Red M1101
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Küchenrückwand Chili-Pfeffer M0983 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback chili pepper M0983
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Küchenrückwand Oliven Öl Schrift Grün Flasche Glas M1157 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Splash Olive Oil Font Green Bottle Glass M1157
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Küchenrückwand Zitronen M0700 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Lemons M0700
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Küchenrückwand grüner Apfel M0736 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback green apple M0736
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Küchenrückwand Orchidee rot Steine schwarz tropfen Spie M1125 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback orchid red stones black drip Spie M1125
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Küchenrückwand Blumenwiese M0493 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback flower meadow M0493
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Küchenrückwand Asia Stone Natur M0239 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Asia Stone Natur M0239
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Küchenrückwand Rustikal Beton Wand Grunge M1068 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Backsplash Rustic Concrete Wall Grunge M1068
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Küchenrückwand Strand Cocktail Seestern Orange Limette M1128 entdecken - Bild 1
Splashback Beach Cocktail Starfish Orange Lime M1128
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Küchenrückwand Orchidee Bambus Steine Glas M1087 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback orchid bamboo stones glass M1087
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Küchenrückwand Blumen Violett Glas M1069 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback flowers violet glass M1069
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Küchenrückwand Kornfeld mit Mohnblumen M0398 entdecken - Bild 1
Cornfield splashback with poppies M0398
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Küchenrückwand Blume Steine Perlen M1307 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback flower stones beads M1307
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Küchenrückwand Afrika Elefant Giraffe Zebra Savanne M1084 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Africa elephant giraffe zebra savannah M1084
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Küchenrückwand Sonnenuntergang Ozean Natur M0262 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback sunset ocean nature M0262
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Küchenrückwand Tulpen Gänseblümchen Weiß Kirschen M1088 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen Splash Tulips Daisies White Cherries M1088
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Küchenrückwand Klinkersteine Grau M0471 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback clinker bricks Gray M0471
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Küchenrückwand Natursteinmauer Hell M0310 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen back wall natural stone wall light M0310
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Küchenrückwand weisser Backstein M0050 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback white brick M0050
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Küchenrückwand Wein Obst Früchte Tafel Melone Pfirsisch M1105 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback wine fruit board melon peach M1105
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Küchenrückwand Herbstlandschaft mit Bergen und See M0717 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Autumn landscape with mountains and lake M0717
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Küchenrückwand abstrakte Lilien grau silber M0524 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback abstract lilies gray silver M0524
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Save 30%
Küchenrückwand Orchidee Zweig Hell Hintergrund Weiß M1226 entdecken - Bild 1
Splashback Orchid Branch Light Background White M1226
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Küchenrückwand Weintrauben Gläser Körbe Korken Grün M1233 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Grapes Glasses Baskets Corks Green M1233
Regular price€79,99 Sale priceFrom €55,99
Save 30%
Küchenrückwand Paris Stadt Ranken Leben Popart M1086 entdecken - Bild 1
Kitchen splashback Paris city tendrils life pop art M1086
Regular price€79,99 Sale priceFrom €55,99

Frequently asked questions about kitchen splashbacks


A splashback or splashback is a decorative element used in the kitchen to cover the space between the worktop and the wall units. It serves both as protection against splashes and stains and as an aesthetic element to enhance the kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks are often made of materials such as glass, tiles, stainless steel, plastic or special photo wallpaper. They offer a wide range of design options and can completely change the overall appearance of the kitchen.

A kitchen splashback protects the wall from splashes and dirt. It is easy to clean, offers an attractive design option and gives the kitchen a modern look.

Yes, you can glue a kitchen backsplash to tiles. Using neutral and solvent-free silicone is a popular method of attaching the backing to the tiles. It offers good adhesion and ensures a permanent connection. Before you start gluing, you should make sure the tiles are clean and dry to improve adhesion. Also make sure the back panel is well aligned so it fits perfectly. After gluing, you should let the silicone cure according to the instructions to ensure optimal adhesion. Installing a kitchen splashback on tiles is a practical solution to enhance your kitchen and protect it from splashes.

To clean your acrylic glass splashback, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: First remove loose dirt and dust from the surface of the kitchen splashback. You can do this with a soft cloth or a feather duster. Make sure you don't use any rough or scratchy materials to avoid scratches.
  2. Step: Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water with mild dish soap. Use a ratio of about 1 teaspoon of dish soap per quart of water. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents, as these can damage the acrylic glass.
  3. Step 1: Dip a soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and wring it out well so that it is only slightly damp. Gently wipe the surface of the acrylic glass splashback to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants. Be careful not to apply excessive force to the acrylic glass to avoid scratching.
  4. Step 1: Rinse the kitchen splashback thoroughly with clear water to remove any soap residue. It is best to use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off the residue.
  5. Step 1: Dry the acrylic glass splashback carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid streaks or water stains. Be careful not to use rough or abrasive cloths to avoid scratching.

It is important to note that you do not use sharp cleaning tools or abrasives as they can damage the acrylic sheet. Additionally, you should avoid cutting or scraping the surface of the kitchen splashback to prevent scratching.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively clean your acrylic splashback and maintain its shine.

Yes, you can use PVC (rigid foam) as a kitchen splashback. PVC foam boards are a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks due to their many positive properties. They are lightweight, durable, water resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in the kitchen. PVC foam panels are available in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose a back panel that suits your individual taste and style. In addition, PVC is an affordable material that works well for a budget project. When purchasing PVC rigid foam boards for a kitchen splashback, you should look for good quality to ensure that it can withstand the demands and last a long time.

Yes, you can stick kitchen splashbacks to wallpaper if you use neutral, solvent-free silicone. It's important to make sure the wallpaper is clean, dry, and smooth before installing the kitchen splashback.

However, note that the durability and stability of the backing can depend on various factors, such as the quality of the wallpaper and the surface of the backing.

If the rear wall of the kitchen is made of acrylic glass, aluminum composite or hard foam, these materials are usually light and can be attached to the wallpaper with silicone.

It is advisable to check the splashback manufacturer's instructions prior to installation to ensure it is suitable for use over wallpaper. It's also a good idea to test the wallpaper in a small, inconspicuous spot to make sure the silicone isn't causing damage or peeling the wallpaper.

Keep in mind that removing kitchen splashback from wallpaper can be tricky and may leave marks.

Installation of a kitchen splashback with installation adhesive:

  • Thoroughly clean the wall to remove dust and dirt.
  • Apply the solvent-free and neutral assembly adhesive evenly to the back of the kitchen splashback.
  • Position the backing board in the desired location on the wall and press firmly.
  • Allow the mounting adhesive to fully cure according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The durability of a kitchen splashback depends on various factors such as the material used, the quality of the installation and proper care. As a rule, quality kitchen splashbacks can last for many years without the need for early renewal.

Glass rear panels or those made of stainless steel are usually durable and can retain their appearance and functionality for years. Durability may be slightly reduced for back panels made of plastic or special films, as they can be more susceptible to scratches or wear.

The care of the kitchen splashback also plays a role. Regular cleaning and avoiding harsh detergents or scratches can help prolong the life of the backplate.

Finally, it is important to note that individual circumstances and usage conditions may vary, so there is no set lifespan. However, a well-maintained splashback should provide an attractive and functional addition to your kitchen for many years to come.

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Wandmotiv24 ​​is an owner-managed company from the porcelain town of Meissen, in the heart of Saxony .

The entire manufacturing process takes place in our manufactory. On a 4000 m2 production and storage area, we produce photo wallpaper, canvas pictures, acrylic pictures, kitchen splashbacks and much more.

We are always working to keep our footprint as small as possible. We currently produce 80% of our energy needs with our own solar system. We want to achieve 100% in the next few years.

For the production of our products we use colors that have been awarded the GreenGuardGold label.

Wherever possible, we also use sustainable materials for our materials in order to protect the environment.

Sustainability is important to us. For every item ordered, we plant a tree together with Tree-Nation.

After your order you will receive an email from our partner Tree-Nation with a link to your tree. You can see where your tree is and which tree we gave you.

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For every product you buy on our website, we plant a tree!

Buy a kitchen splashback

The kitchen has always been the heart of every home. This is where family members meet, prepare traditional family recipes, eat meals together and report on their experiences. It is all the more important that the kitchen has an inviting atmosphere that invites you to linger.

You can create a pleasant ambience particularly through a warm and high-quality design. The good news: You don't have to raid your account to buy an expensive new kitchen unit. Instead, you can give your old kitchen a new look in no time.

Your first step: install a modern kitchen back wall. Finally, the old tile backsplashes have had their day. And the best part? The kitchen walls from Wandmotiv24 ​​are available in different designs. With us you benefit from a variety of materials and motifs. This makes it easy for you to find the kitchen splashback of your dreams!

What is a kitchen backsplash?

A kitchen splashback covers the kitchen wall behind the kitchen countertop. It serves as a splash guard. You can easily and conveniently remove grease and condensation with a cloth. This effectively prevents mold from forming.

In the past, homeowners typically relied on tile backsplashes. The disadvantage: The joints between the tiles have to be regularly cleaned of deposits. Cleaning is complex and takes time. You often miss this time today.

For this reason, Wandmotiv24 ​​offers you a wide range of kitchen back walls made of Aludibond, hard foam or acrylic glass. You can quickly attach the seamless panels to the wall and enjoy noticeable time savings from now on. Because nerve-wracking care is a thing of the past. Instead, it is sufficient to wipe the plates with a soft microfiber cloth after cooking or baking.

In addition, the kitchen back wall with tile look, 3D structure, etc. serves as a modern statement. With kitchen back walls with a concrete look, you can give your kitchen a modern touch and furnish the room in a trendy industrial style.

A fireproof kitchen back wall with floral motifs, on the other hand, looks particularly elegant. If you want to express your passion for hearty dishes through your kitchen design, you can opt for a depiction of colorful spices, hot chili peppers, juicy cherries or fresh lemons.

Are you very busy at work and have had to go without a holiday in the mountains for years? Then go for a kitchen back wall with a mountaineering motif.

For example, every morning you are greeted by a breathtaking view of spectacular mountains and lakes . And while you enjoy the sight of the clear water, the impressive rocks and the bright blue sky, your heartbeat slows down and you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a few seconds.

The same applies to well-known sights such as the Colosseum in Rome . If a vacation in Italy breaks your budget, social responsibilities tie you to your home or you shy away from vacations abroad, you can enjoy the sight of the world-famous attractions in your own four walls thanks to your new travel-themed kitchen wall.

What advantages does a kitchen back wall offer?

Are you wondering whether a kitchen back wall is an optimal choice? We take away your doubts! Because kitchen back walls are not only easy to care for, but also impress with their long durability.

The heat-resistant and robust panels reliably protect the wall from grease and burn stains. The smooth surface allows you to keep your kitchen back wall hygienically clean.

There are numerous motifs available to you in the Wandmotiv24 ​​online shop. This gives you the opportunity to choose a design that brings you joy every day, has a positive effect on your mood, reduces the stress of everyday life and gives you a little break from everyday life.

The sight of an appealing motif has an impact on your reward system. As a result, the body releases the happiness hormone dopamine. With an attractive kitchen back wall you can specifically influence your feelings. 

On a cold, rainy day, your gaze wanders to the colorful animal-print back wall and your heart melts. Are you still not convinced? Try it yourself!

How long does a kitchen splashback last?

Wandmotiv24 ​​offers you a large selection of durable kitchen back walls. These are made of robust materials such as Aludibond, hard foam and acrylic glass. This means you can invest in your new kitchen design once and enjoy the motif of your choice for many years to come . In this way, you save your wallet and also save yourself from a strenuous renovation.

A tip: Aludibond and acrylic glass back panels impress with their high heat resistance . This is lower for kitchen back walls made of hard foam. Nevertheless, the rigid foam panels also prove to be robust and durable.

The rear walls made of Aludibond and acrylic glass involve a higher financial outlay, while the rigid foam panels prove to be cost-effective. All products are characterized by high quality and durability. This means: At Wandmotiv24 ​​you will find a suitable kitchen back wall for every budget that will accompany you for decades.

Do you not only want to renovate your kitchen, but also redesign your bathroom? Here, too, you can safely avoid removing the tiles. Visit our online shop and click through our modern shower walls . You attach these to the tile backsplash.

How do you attach a kitchen backsplash?

A kitchen renovation takes time and money. With a trendy kitchen back wall you save yourself the trouble! You can easily attach the plate to the tile backsplash using assembly adhesive .

Before you install your kitchen splashback, clean the tiles. This step is important so that all dirt such as dust residues and grease are removed. Otherwise there is a risk that the glue will not stick. As a result, your back wall cannot find any support.

After cleaning, dry the tiles and apply the adhesive. Please note the manufacturer's instructions. As a rule, the adhesive must harden before you can attach the wall.

Installing a kitchen back wall with assembly adhesive

  1. Clean the tile wall thoroughly.

  2. Dry the tiles completely with a cloth.

  3. Apply the adhesive to the tiles.

  4. Give the adhesive time to cure.

  5. Attach the kitchen backsplash.

Which surface is suitable for kitchen back walls?

Have you already ordered the kitchen splashback of your dreams and are now wondering whether you can install it on all surfaces? No worries! With the right adhesive, your back wall made of Aludibond, hard foam or acrylic glass will stick to tiles and wallpaper. It is important that you use a solvent-free silicone and clean the surface thoroughly beforehand.

The stability of the kitchen back wall also depends on the nature of the wallpaper. If it is already coming off, you should remove the remaining wallpaper. Despite its low weight, the kitchen back wall cannot stick to loose strips of wallpaper.

It's best to test your wallpaper before installing the kitchen backsplash. To do this, pick at several places to see if the wallpaper is coming off. Choose inconspicuous areas.

If you attach your kitchen back wall with a motif to tiles, removal is easy. If you stick the back wall onto the wallpaper, removing the panel later can damage the wallpaper.

You should keep this aspect in mind. If it is a rented apartment, you should expect that you may have to replace the wallpaper before you move out.

To get around this, you can mount your back wall on a wooden panel that you screw to the wall. This should have a smooth surface so that the back wall adheres optimally to the plate.

In our online shop you can choose from kitchen splashbacks in various sizes . Make sure that the size of the back wall corresponds to the size of the plate. You can have the panel cut to size at a hardware store for an additional charge. The financial outlay here is generally limited.

The kitchen back wall – individual and easy to care for

When you wake up, do you already dream of the smell of a wonderful cup of coffee? As a coffee lover, you can also express your passion through your furnishings. Choose a kitchen splashback with a coffee bean motif. As soon as you enter the kitchen, you are greeted by the beloved sight of the finely roasted Arabica and Robusta beans.

A deep red kitchen wall with a pomegranate motif creates an exotic flair . The intensely colored pomegranate is considered a superfood and contains numerous nutrients. The fruit symbolizes vitality, health and joy of life. In Greek mythology, the pomegranate serves as a symbol of fertility, beauty and eternal life.

In the Koran, the pomegranate is called the apple of paradise. It symbolizes the beauty of the people and objects created by God. The pomegranate is still used in Arabic architecture to this day to bless the house and set the stage for a happy life within one's own four walls.

In the Jewish faith, the pomegranate represents God's promise to strengthen the Jewish people. The number of pomegranate seeds should correspond to the number of mitzvot, the commandments. On Rosh Hashanah, believers traditionally serve the pomegranate after the meal.

Just the sight of the colorful kitchen back wall with a pomegranate motif awakens your spirits. The intense red provides strength and energy so that you start the day full of energy. In the evening, the deep red tone calms you and is reminiscent of the blood-red color of the sunset.

A kitchen splashback with an animal motif offers an escape from everyday life. For example, choose a backboard that shows a waterhole in Africa. Elephants and giraffes meet here to soak up the cool water.

Elephants exude calm, strength and power. They are the largest living creature on land, form close relationships with their companions and represent peace and happiness in many cultures. The giraffes appear graceful and symbolize power and wealth.

If you are passionate about baking, you should have a kitchen back wall with macarons . The meringue pastries from France not only taste delicious, but also impress with their colorful pastel colors.

The cute sight of the small double discs with a creamy layer exudes a good mood and awakens your ambition to create unique baking creations. The kitchen wall can serve as an accent wall. Make sure that the pastel colors are reflected in your home accessories to create a harmonious overall picture.

Print aluminum bond plate

Clear, modern and practical: The kitchen back walls made of Aludibond give your kitchen a clean look and are reminiscent of the design of a professional kitchen in restaurants and canteens. You can skilfully combine the cool material with home accessories made of wood. This creates a modern ambience in an industrial style.

The metal appears noble and sterile . You can clean the seamless plate quickly and easily with a soft cloth.

The rear wall is made of aluminum composite panels, which in turn are made up of two aluminum layers and a core made of black polyethylene. The plate is surrounded on both sides by a plain, multi-colored or stove-enamelled film.

Since the aluminum composite panels have a low weight , you can attach them without help. However, for large panels, it is advisable to ask a helper for assistance. Assembly can be completed twice as quickly with two people. You can cut the material into any shape you want.

The advantage: Aluminum proves to be heat-resistant and durable. Scratches will not occur if you use a soft cloth for cleaning and avoid sharp-edged tools. You can quickly remove fingerprints with a microfiber cloth.

You attach the sturdy back walls behind the stove and the kitchen worktop. In contrast to other materials, purchasing an aluminum composite panel with a motif requires little financial outlay . So you get a stylish kitchen back wall and save money too!

Printed hard foam board

Are you looking for a kitchen back wall for a small budget ? At Wandmotiv24 ​​you can order back walls made of hard foam. The rigid foam panels impress with their long durability and resistance and are very popular.

At the same time, the hard foam kitchen back walls are suitable for anyone who wants to invest little money in kitchen renovation. So even as a trainee or student you do n't have to make any compromises and you can redesign your shared kitchen quickly and easily!

The solidified foam made of polystyrene (PS), polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has high insulating properties. As a result, the panels do not swell even in high heat and humidity. The panels are also easy to saw. This means you can adapt these to the dimensions of your kitchen unit if necessary.

We offer you the hard foam kitchen back walls - like the kitchen back walls made of aluminum or acrylic glass - in different sizes. The back walls for the kitchen are available in heights of 50 and 60 centimeters and in the following sizes:

  • 160 centimeters,

  • 180 centimeters,

  • 210 centimeters,

  • 240 centimeters,

  • 260 centimeters.

Cleaning is just as easy as with aluminum composite panels. All you need is a soft cloth and a dishwashing liquid of your choice. The numerous designs in our online shop offer you a large selection of motifs.

If you care for your hard foam back panel correctly, you will be able to enjoy the panel for many years at a fair price.

Acrylic glass – the shatterproof version

Glass shatters into thousands of pieces when the glass pane falls or is subjected to external force. To ensure that your kitchen back wall lasts a long time and offers safety in all situations, it is made of acrylic glass. The material is shatterproof and won't shatter even if you accidentally hit your new kitchen backsplash with the heavy cast iron pan.

In addition, acrylic glass proves to be temperature-resistant and durable. We apply the motif of your choice from the back of the models during the manufacturing process of the kitchen back wall panels. This means the high-quality and colorful prints shine in their best light.

The acrylic glass back walls also have no joints. This way you can ensure that just a few steps are enough to keep the plate hygienically clean. This means that mold has no chance of spreading. But fat residues don't stick either. The memory of the tedious cleaning of the joints fades in no time after installation.

The plexiglass reflects the incident sunlight and creates a unique atmosphere. The smooth surface gives the kitchen a modern touch.

ESG safety glass

Standard safety glass , or ESG for short, is glass panes that have been heat-treated in advance. The proven production process promotes the durability of the kitchen back walls and increases impact resistance and temperature resistance. During the manufacturing process, the glass panes are first heated and then cooled down.

The safety glass looks elegant and modern. It reflects sunlight and creates unique light reflections. The elegant prints are reproduced undistorted. As with acrylic glass, you can individually design the kitchen back walls made of ESG.

Which material is best suited as a kitchen back wall?

The kitchen back walls used to be made of tiles. Today the tiled walls often look old-fashioned. That's why more and more people are deciding to replace their kitchen splashbacks.

However, replacing the old tiles with modern tiles can be expensive. The tiles are usually laid by a specialist company that receives an hourly wage. However, if you have no experience laying tiles and don't have any craftsmen in your circle of friends, you will have to rely on a specialist.

You can renovate your kitchen much more easily by purchasing a ready-to-install kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24. To do this, visit our official website and browse the online shop. Back walls made of aluminum dibond, hard foam, acrylic glass and ESG with various motifs await you here.

Once you have identified your desired motif, for example a trendy tile look, select the appropriate material . Hard foam kitchen back walls are the most cost-effective option. A back panel made of PS, PU or PVC is suitable for you if you are looking for a durable yet inexpensive paneling for your kitchen back wall. Aluminum, acrylic glass and ESG, on the other hand, require a higher budget, but are even more resistant than rigid foam.

If you use your kitchen every day for cooking and baking, you should ideally use kitchen back walls made of aluminum, acrylic glass or ESG. This reduces the risk of hot grease splashes causing material damage. If you cook every now and then or mainly use the oven, a hard foam kitchen back panel is an excellent choice.

After you have placed the model of your choice in your shopping cart, complete the payment process. We will then deliver your new kitchen back wall directly to your front door within a few days.

Which kitchen splashback is easiest to care for?

Tiles are difficult to clean because they have joints. Food scraps, fats and condensation collect here. If you rarely clean them, mold that is harmful to your health can even form.

To make your work easier, the kitchen back walls from Wandmotiv24 ​​have no joints or edges. The smooth surface prevents dirt from settling. They stick roughly to the outer surface and can be removed with a damp cloth.

It doesn't matter whether you have a kitchen back wall made of aluminum, hard foam, acrylic glass or ESG. They are all characterized by a flat surface and offer no chance for germs.

This is how you clean an acrylic glass kitchen back wall

In everyday life you complete numerous tasks. It is all the more important that housework takes up little time. With materials that are easy to clean, you gain life back. You can use these to do something good for yourself, to spend more time with your children or partner, to meet friends or to devote yourself to other important areas of responsibility.

With a kitchen splashback from our online shop, you'll never spend hours cleaning those annoying joints again. The following applies: You should also clean your new acrylic glass kitchen back wall every day to prevent dirt and keep your kitchen hygienically clean.

However, thanks to the seamless design and the smooth surface, the effort is minimal. Furthermore, your kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24 ​​consists of a large panel that has no cut surfaces or edges.

But how do you clean the kitchen back wall?

  1. The first step is to use a soft cloth and remove dust particles and other dirt. Alternatively, you can use a feather duster. Be careful not to use sharp-edged objects.

  2. In the second step, soak your cloth in a mixture of tap water and dishwashing liquid. Use the damp sponge to run over the entire kitchen back wall.

  3. Rinse the kitchen backsplash with clean water.

  4. Dry the kitchen backsplash with a clean microfiber cloth or tea towel. This will prevent water stains from forming.


Can you glue a kitchen backsplash to tiles?

You can attach the kitchen walls from Wandmotiv24 ​​to both tiles and wallpaper.

Can you glue a kitchen backsplash to wallpaper?

You can easily attach a kitchen back wall made of aluminum, hard foam, acrylic glass or ESG to wallpaper. However, you should note that the wallpaper can be damaged if you remove the back wall.

Can you use PVC (hard foam) as a kitchen back wall?

Our kitchen back wall panels are made, among other things, from hard foam. The solidified foam can be made up of PS, PU or PVC.

Which kitchen back wall is modern?

A kitchen back wall with a motif looks modern and sets accents.

The conclusion – with the kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24 ​​you can create a trendy kitchen

Let's be honest: an old kitchen doesn't delight anyone. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to transform the old-fashioned fitted kitchen into a modern kitchenette in no time.

With a stylish kitchen back wall from Wandmotiv24 ​​you can skillfully set accents and express your individual interests. For example, create a sophisticated flair by using a kitchen splashback with a floral motif. Back walls with nature motifs or animal motifs ensure coziness. Back walls with a 3D structure look stylish.

Our kitchen splashbacks made from four different materials are available in different heights and widths. From a value of 50 euros, we will deliver your dream kitchen back wall made of aluminum composite, glass or hard foam free of charge.

Krause Geschäftsführer - Heinemann Betriebsleiter von wandmotiv24

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Who are we ?

The family business wandmotiv24 ​​was founded in Meißen with the aim of bringing special moments to life and beautifying living spaces. We use our in-house machinery to produce excellent print products for you. Through our selection of different materials and sizes, we give you flexibility in designing your rooms. From eye-catching canvases to extraordinary photo wallpapers and elegant kitchen splashbacks.

Do you have any questions or requests? You can reach us directly using the contact form !

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