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Wall mural marble effect stone M6883
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Wall mural stone: industrial look and modern look

A photo wallpaper makes an impression in rooms of any size. This allows a room to be optically upgraded and beautified. If you like stones and want to bring their elegance and durability into your living space, you should choose a stone wall mural.

Stones - whether granite, marble or bricks - radiate calm and security . As a photo wallpaper, they blend into your interior and give you a feeling of being close to nature.

Wall mural stone: industrial look and modern look
Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels:

Modern wall decoration

A photo wallpaper is rightly considered a modern wall decoration these days. Instead of just keeping the walls white, many people opt for expressive patterns, photorealistic designs and appealing colors . A stone wallpaper combines these requirements and can give every room that certain something.

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at a marble effect stone wallpaper . But stone wallpaper can also contribute to a cozy atmosphere in the living room, for example on the wall behind the couch. With this you get a piece of nature in your own four walls.

Different types of stone wallpaper

When choosing the perfect stone-look photo wallpaper, you should make sure that it fits in well with your room and the rest of the interior. In our shop you can choose from different types of stone wallpaper:

  • Brick: Brick has a warm color and looks rustic and homely.

  • Natural stone: These wallpapers ensure that a room looks more natural and are guaranteed to make you forget that you are inside your apartment from time to time.

  • Concrete look: Would you like to live in a loft? With a wallpaper in concrete look you can get this feeling in every living room.

  • Graffiti: wallpapers in this variant give rooms a unique street style.

Not sure what kind of stone wallpaper fits in your home? Then it can help if you think about how your room should look in advance. Brick and natural stone convey a rustic look and bring a piece of nature into your home.

Walls with a concrete look look simple and are suitable for a modern interior design that is characterized by clear shapes. A graffiti wallpaper adds an artistic touch . If it is very colourful, simple furniture should be chosen as a contrast. Otherwise, a room could quickly appear cluttered.

Fasten the stone wallpaper correctly

Once you have decided on a suitable stone wallpaper from our range, you only have to put it on the wall. Wallpapering is quick and should be done with paste . This is usually not a problem even for laypeople. It is important that the paste is not applied to the wallpaper but directly to the wall , as this ensures that the wallpaper adheres quickly and easily.

This is how you apply your photo wallpaper perfectly:

  1. It is best to start in the brightest corner of the room and use a plumb bob to mark a straight, vertical line on the wall. The first roll of wallpaper must be laid correctly on this. Make sure that the first lane is straight . Finally, you will align all further webs with it.

    While you are taking the measurements, you have to take into account that there will be a small overhang in the corner to the next wall. 1 centimeter is enough for this. This is the only way to prevent empty columns from appearing in the corners and disturbing the overall picture.

  2. Apply a generous coat of paste to the wall. Make sure you use a sufficiently large brush or wallpaper roller.

  3. Place the first strip of stone wallpaper on the marked line and at the same time on the edge of the ceiling. Then sweep a brush along the wall from the edge to attach the first panel. You should always make sure to paint the motif of the stone wallpaper accordingly.

  4. Lay the next strip on the edge of the first so that there are no gaps and the motif continues seamlessly.

  5. If there are leftovers of the photo wallpaper at the top or bottom, they can be cut off later with a cutter knife .

  6. Now paint the next strip on the wall using the brush.

  7. If scars have appeared between the panels, you should conceal them with a scar roller .

  8. Continue with the remaining strips until all of the wallpaper is on the wall.

  9. Let the photo wallpaper dry for at least one night and avoid drafts in the room during this time. The paste must be able to dry evenly so that no air bubbles form under the stone wallpaper.

Are self-adhesive models worth it?

Alternatively, you can also choose a self-adhesive wallpaper. The advantage of this is that it is even easier to attach to the wall.

You can also dry-glue a self-adhesive stone wallpaper. This means that you have to gradually remove the backing film so that the adhesive surface is then on the wall. At the end, press the edges firmly and remove any bubbles that may have formed by piercing them with a needle .

If you decide instead to put the stone wallpaper on the wall when it is wet, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Spray the soap solution on the sub-surface and on the adhesive and front side of the stone wallpaper

  2. Position wallpaper on wall and squeeze out excess water

  3. Remove any trapped air or bubbles with a squeegee, pierce bubbles with a needle

  4. Smooth everything out and let it dry, avoid drafts and prolonged airing during this time so that the adhesive power can develop its full effect

Diverse design options

With photomurals in stone look , real stone walls can be reproduced in a deceptively real way. The design possibilities are seemingly endless, because it doesn't matter whether you want to design your rooms in a more rustic, natural or modern way .

You set special accents with a 3D wallpaper in stone look, because these look even more realistic.

Of course, you can also combine several stone wallpapers with each other and, for example, not only stage one wall, but several in a room. It is also possible to wallpaper individual areas of a wall and thus set exciting accents in the room. As usual in nature, you create a look of different surfaces, haptics and textures.

Furthermore, it plays an important role that you design the area immediately in front of the photo wallpaper in an appealing way . Too much furniture or other items can cover them up or make them inconspicuous.

Wall mural wood - a nice alternative

You think that a wall mural with a stone look doesn't perfectly match your style? How about a wallpaper with a wood look instead? These are also popular and convey a homely and natural feeling with their different looks.

Wood wallpapers can be combined with both a rustic and a modern furnishing style. Just like the trees themselves, a wallpaper with a wood look convinces with its individual appearance and the wide variety of color nuances.


Photo wallpapers are real eye-catchers in living rooms. Wallpapers with a stone or wood look are particularly versatile, as they bring cosiness and a natural flair to your living space. Whether you should choose stone or wood wallpaper depends primarily on your taste. But the effect and the rest of the facility should also be considered.

A photo wallpaper can be very easily wallpapered to the wall with paste, because no specialist knowledge is required for this. This works even easier with self-adhesive photo wallpaper. You can also attach them when they are dry and easily remove them again if necessary.

In our online shop you will find many different products in different sizes and with great designs. Simply choose something that corresponds to your ideas of a beautiful wallpaper and beautify your living space within a day.

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