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Poster vintage motifs

Do you remember the good old days wistfully? Or are you perhaps so young that the good old days are not yet behind you? If vintage motifs still have a special attraction for you, you are in good hands in the Wandmotiv24 ​​online shop!

Because we provide you with attractive posters in different designs and with numerous motifs to choose from. After all, even in an age that offers us numerous advantages, we still crave a touch of nostalgia every now and then.

With a vintage poster from Wandmotiv24 ​​you can capture the magic of bygone eras. The unique designs are ideal as a decorative element in the kitchen, living room or hallway. For example, grab an old world map or a fantastic animal!

Abstract vintage posters

The singer and actor Charles Aznavour already stated that nostalgia is “the longing for the good old days when there was nothing to laugh about”. Our memories play tricks on us.

So we often remember the happy moments in retrospect , while negative memories fade. So it's not surprising that grandma and grandpa often talk about “the good old days”.

But a vintage picture doesn't just put a smile on your grandparents' faces. Rather, the old-fashioned works of art have an unmistakable appeal to people of all ages. They create curiosity and take us into a world long gone.

Particular attention is paid to abstract vintage posters. Abstract art is characterized by colors, shapes, lines, strokes and structures. The artists do not only use tried and tested techniques, but often develop their own approaches. The artists follow a gut feeling and express themselves through motifs that are not intended to produce a detailed depiction of the environment.

The elements speak to us emotionally, give space to our feelings and encourage us to express our emotions. According to Jackson Pollock, this is “energy and movement made visible.”

Wassily Kandinsky , who designed the famous work of art “Composition V” in 1911, is considered a pioneer of abstract art. However, some scientists suggest that the art form may have originated earlier. The painter Hilma af Klint was already known for radical painting that depicted the environment in geometric shapes.

In the 20th century, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly and Piet Mondrian in particular further developed abstract art. This process has not yet been completed to this day. Modern artists such as Lee Ellis, Nick Malone and Barbara Krupp play with shapes and colors and give the art style their own unique touch.

On Wandmotiv24 ​​you can find retro pictures that capture the viewer's eye and transform any room into an interesting art room.

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Artistic vintage posters

Everything was better back then: with a vintage poster you can easily escape everyday life and be transported back to old times.

The icing on the cake: As soon as you place the poster in a chic frame on a wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway, you will give your rooms a special flair . Suddenly time seems to stand still, the world holds its breath - and you let yourself sink into the sofa with pleasure and let the atmosphere work its magic on you.

A vintage world map, for example, is ideal as a wall decoration in the kitchen. But the office also benefits from the art painting at a fair price . The map reminds you of your wanderlust, lets you reminisce about past vacations and triggers the same curiosity and thirst for adventure in you as in people of earlier eras.

Are you looking for an alternative to world maps or an abstract illustration? Then choose an animal poster from Wandmotiv24. The modern items harmonize with a minimalist interior style and are also ideal as a gift for the people you love!

Vintage posters with animal motifs

A zebra wearing a stylish suit, animals on the farm or storks on the roof: in nature you can finally switch off and completely relax. No wonder an animal motif calms you down! Because we combine both elements with a unique harmony and a peaceful ambience.

Did you grow up on a farm yourself? With the help of a poster with an animal motif, you can tell your personal story and subtly point out to your guests a connection to country life.

But children also benefit from funny animal pictures or a collection of animals on the farm. In this way, they learn at a young age which animals are at home on a farm.

Vintage posters and modern art – a great combination

What goes with vintage? If you are also asking yourself this question, we can reassure you. Because all imaginable motifs go well with vintage posters!

By combining vintage motifs and modern motifs, you can achieve a harmonious overall picture and give your rooms an individual touch. For example , retro posters with bold colors and eye-catching patterns can be placed next to posters with nature motifs or beauty posters.

If you position up to five posters of different sizes next to each other on the wall, a unique picture gallery is created. This enhances a long hallway or fits perfectly into the interior design of your living room.

Make sure that the mix of modern elements and vintage accessories is also reflected in the furniture and textiles. This way you create a harmonious overall impression by merging all styles into a completely new design.

Time travel through retro posters

Sometimes you need a break from stressful everyday life. A poster with a retro motif will make you forget your worries.

The extraordinary motifs with the strong contrasts and the lively shapes skillfully captivate you. They only let go of you when your heartbeat has slowed and negative emotions have passed.

From Art Deco to the Pop Art of the 1950s to the art of rebellion from the 1980s: at Wandmotiv24 ​​you will find a retro poster that revives bygone times and fulfills every longing for nostalgia. For example, choose a pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe or a retro-vintage motif in a striking color.

Timeless charm

Pure aesthetics thanks to wall art: posters with vintage motifs have a unique charm. The works of art in the desired style are also considered timeless, so you can be sure that they will not lose their popularity in the future.

The inexpensive posters also make it quick and easy for you to build a small art collection. In this way, you enhance your private spaces and don't have to invest a lot of money in real paintings. As a result, trainees, students or young professionals don't have to do without wall decorations in a vintage look.

When you enter your apartment after work and sit down on the kitchen chair or couch at home, your eye falls on stylish wall pictures. You can display the posters with cubistika or animal motifs in picture frames.

A tip: Ideally, you combine vintage posters with subtle frames such as a wooden frame. These ensure that the image is in focus and the viewer is not distracted by an elaborately crafted decorative frame.

The conclusion – vintage posters for every apartment and house

Posters with vintage motifs and a used look exude pure nostalgia and invite you to forget the current problems and be completely absorbed by the flair of a time long gone.

Subtle colors such as beige or white are typical. Thanks to the restrained designs, the vintage-style posters can be used as wall decorations in any room. You can hang them up with the help of a nail. White walls appear more interesting and homely.

Alternatively, you can order the posters in large sizes and place them in picture frames on the floor. If you position several posters next to each other and overlap them, a creative work of art is created.

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