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Shower walls - the latest trend

The colorful motifs also stylishly enchant your wellness oasis. The holiday feeling is pre-programmed here.

The bathroom is the haven of peace, the place to relax after a hard day's work. Here you want to feel good and rest, draw new strength.

The new morning turns out to be happier with a lovingly furnished bathroom area.

Discover our large selection of motifs

With the beach air almost in your neck and nose, you get the absolute feel-good experience here.

Imagine yourself showering on the steppes of Africa, or high up in a mountain meadow. How the sun's rays warm your face and you look at the wide blue ocean on the beach.

Dive into the depths of the sea, along corals, past colorful fish or look at the tumbling waterfall.

Colorful lights from the cheerful city noise or a leisurely walk through the forest

All of this is now possible.

Each design is characterized by a modern style.

an original alternative to tiles

The best is the seamless cleanliness. No annoying grooves that offer unnecessary space for dirt. The surfaces are flat and easy to clean.

As a professional for interiors in the living area, we always want to offer you a high degree of comfort and support you in designing your dream bathroom.

A supposedly boring bathroom can be transformed into a first-class demonstration bathroom with small, sensibly used highlights.

Browse through the multitude of dream motifs at your leisure and let us take you on a journey to your new dream bathroom.

Shower back walls are an inspiration - even for small bathrooms with little scope for tasteful modern furnishings.

This is how your bathroom takes shape quickly and without much effort.

different materials and sizes

The surfaces have a high durability and color brilliance. The production is of course quality-controlled.

From the variety of hundreds of pictures there is something for every taste and furnishing style.

The sizes specified in the offer are standard dimensions.

It goes without saying that every bathroom is as individual as you are. That is why we are also happy to manufacture the shower back walls according to your special dimensions.

But that's not all, because we will also conjure up your personal picture on the back wall.

Do not hesitate and write to us via ourcontact form . We're happy to help you.