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Canvas Art - 3D

Decorating your own home can be fun and provide moments of well-being afterwards. The walls offer a particularly large number of options, so that you can decorate them with pictures and decorative elements according to your own ideas. 3D canvas prints not only convey a feeling of space, but also bring art and nature directly into your living space.

In our shop you will find a large selection of great three-dimensional canvas prints that can become real eye-catchers on your walls.

Canvas Prints – 3D (https://elements.envato.com/canvas-prints-photo-printed-on-canvas-with-gallery-KFEGMEY)

3D canvas prints - turn your home into a gallery

Why always drive away to see beautiful things? You can also create places in your own home that particularly appeal to you. A modern way of decorating the walls is 3D canvas paintings . They convince with a realistic look and adapt to any furnishing style thanks to the different options.

In this way you have the opportunity to create your own gallery . Simply look for the motifs that awaken good feelings in you. Whether the images are more realistic, artistic or natural is entirely up to you. Discover many more high-quality photo canvases with us!

Why should you decorate your home with 3D canvas art?

Canvas prints with 3D effect have the advantage that you can decorate your living space in a simple but effective way . Unlike large-scale photo wallpapers, you don't have to laboriously attach them first. Instead, it will not take much time from selecting a suitable picture to hanging it in a suitable place.

You can place your canvas art in any room. Just make sure that it matches your interior style thematically and visually. So you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Where can you hang XXL 3D murals?

Canvas prints can be used in many ways. It doesn't matter whether you want to decorate your kitchen, living room or bedroom - with us you will find the right motif for every location.

In the living room you usually have the largest area available. For example, large canvas pictures that show impressive natural motifs such as columns and streams in the forest or an old tree are suitable for this. For city lovers, motifs such as skylines and busy streets come into question.

The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation , which is also something to consider when choosing wall decoration. Waterfalls in the forest, a magnificent field of lavender or dreamy sunsets are particularly impressive.

Very few people enjoy spending time in the office every day. However, you can also make the dreary everyday work a little nicer. Simply choose a picture that inspires you right away. A 3D canvas picture with red bricks and ivy can be very inspiring, empty offices, with a view of Manhattan or other cities give the necessary motivation to start the day.

Abstract images look good wherever there is a modern interior design . By the way, canvas prints with a 3D look can also enhance a hallway that appears boring. Our kitchen motifs are suitable for dining areas.

What is the correct way to hang 3D murals?

Hanging our 3D murals is quick and very easy . Thanks to a built-in hanging system on the back of the screen, you will find it easy to hang your picture wherever you want in the room.

Alternatively, you can of course also use double-sided adhesive tape . However, this should be easy to remove again so that you neither damage the screen nor your walls.

How to clean murals with 3D effect?

Over time , dust or other airborne debris can attach to your canvas print. It also depends on the room in which you hung it. In the kitchen you often work with oils and fats, which poses an additional risk for the canvas picture. But only if you don't clean it regularly. This works best with a slightly damp cloth . However, you should neither use aggressive cleaning agents nor sharp or pointed objects when cleaning your canvas picture.

Also avoid cleaning with kitchen sponges, as their rough side could damage the surface of the canvas.

3D art - an overview

Canvas prints with 3D effects are so versatile that they offer the right motif for every taste. The canvases are much more than ordinary photos or paintings that you can hang on the wall.

When looking at a 3D canvas picture, a special depth effect is created. The optical illusion succeeds perfectly: as soon as we look at it, we already believe that we are experiencing the scenery in front of us up close. In this way, you and your guests will be able to immerse yourself in foreign worlds and simply switch off.

We provide you with various types of canvas art, for example our sports canvas prints .

3D mural

High-quality canvas, elegant art print and a wipeable surface make our 3D pictures a pretty and easy-care accessory for your rooms. You will receive the picture completely ready mounted on a natural wooden frame . Brilliant colors are guaranteed by modern printing technology . So you don't have to compromise on your wall decoration.

Furthermore, our products impress with their high light resistance and long shelf life. They are made 100 percent by hand in Germany and are available in many different designs. We offer you the good price-performance ratio because we send the paintings directly from our factory.

Photos with 3D effect

With expressive photos in 3D effect, you can beautify large rooms as well as optically enlarge small rooms . Both have a major impact on the way we perceive a space. Images that feature nature motifs and cities exude vibrancy , while abstract motifs arouse curiosity . Depending on the type of facility you have, you can of course also choose motifs with old cars or a soccer field. There are no limits to your imagination!

3D optics

Depending on the atmosphere and effect you want to create in your room, you should look around for suitable 3D images. An optical wall breakthrough that gives a view of a magical nature gives your room more coziness. The stone walls shown can be made of either brick, rough stone, or yellowish stones. It is best to choose something that fits well into your interior in terms of color.

On the other hand, if you want to optically enlarge a room, you should opt for a motif that is predominantly in blue or green tones . Both colors subconsciously convey a feeling of spaciousness.

3D canvas

The combination of high-quality canvas and a 3D image makes our 3D wall art so special. The canvas is not just a framed photo that you put on the table or hang on the wall, but it has the charm of a classic painting.

In order to furnish a room according to your own ideas, not only the choice of furniture, carpets and wall colors is important. Creative wall decorations also show that you have taste. This will not go unnoticed by your visitors.


Your living space is what you have around you every day. That's why you should design it in such a way that you feel comfortable in it. The best way to do this is with suitable interior design, plants, but also tasteful wall decoration, such as murals in 3D optics. These pictures not only impress with their appealing motifs, but also convey a feeling of spaciousness in space.

Depending on the style of your interior, you should look for your personal favorites in our shop. Then choose an appealing size that you think will look good in your space. We offer murals in 3D as multi-parts . These have a special appeal because a motif is made up of several images.

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